Why Did Christina And Tarek Moussa Get Divorced?

Christina Haack and Tarek Moussa got a divorce while filming Flip or Flop, but that didn’t stop them from being the hosts of the show. We tried to find out why they broke up. The co-hosts didn’t say goodbye to their contact when their marriage ended. It could have been their pay that kept them in front of the cameras, or it could have been their desire to Flip a property and make a profit.

But we know that many people are wondering why Christina and Tarek broke up now that they are back on TV with a new season. We know what’s going on.

Why Did Christina and Tarek Get a Divorce?

Christina and Tarek got a divorce because of money problems. They met when he was 24 and she was 22. Even though they went to counseling, Tarek filed for divorce a few months later because they couldn’t solve their problems. Tarek said on The Dr. Drew Podcast that money problem, making TV shows, and other things most people didn’t know about slowly drove them apart.

Why Did Tarek Moussa Get Divorced?
Why Did Tarek Moussa Get Divorced?

Christina’s parents wanted her to stay with Tarek, but they broke up. They didn’t tell anyone about it for a while. But they had been going their separate ways for a long before they decided to break up.

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When Did The Stars Of Flip Or Flop Break Up?

Even though many people just found out that Christina and Tarek are no longer together, they broke up in 2016. Since their divorce was finalized in July 2021, she married Ant Anstead. The HGTV couple was married from 2009 to 2018 until she met Ant married him and broke up. She also asked for them to share custody of their children.

Tarek and Christina’s fans still talk about their marriage six years later, but they are now just business partners who have both moved on. They also raise their kids together.

Who are They Dating Now?

Christina and Josh Hall have been seeing each other for six months and have engaged recently. On July 8, 2021, they made their relationship official on Instagram, but people thought they had been dating for a while. Josh moved to Southern California, the city where the HGTV star grew up as a child, to be closer to her. The Selling Sunset actress Heather Rae Moussa is now married to Tarek.


Since Tarek and Heather met in July 2019, it looks like they’ve been together for more than two years. In August 2019, they made their relationship public on Instagram.

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