In a Georgia Senate Debate Herschel Walker Supports the Usage of a “Honorary” Sheriff’s Badge

Herschel Walker a Republican running for the Senate in Georgia, was interviewed by NBC on Sunday and justified his use of a sheriff’s badge at a debate on Friday by saying that the badge was “legit” but honorary and that he had been a deputy in his hometown.

During a debate about police support, Walker had brought out the badge drawing reprimands from the moderators and widespread ridicule from Democrats.

This is something I brought back from where I grew up. Walker informed NBC’s Kristen Welker that the badge was legitimate because it came from Johnson County and the sheriff there had issued it.

In contrast to popular belief, Walker has never worked in law enforcement, as confirmed by CNN’s fact check. He’s made public a card that proves he was given the titles of “honorary agent” and “special deputy sheriff” in Cobb County, Georgia, after 2004. Neither of these positions carries the power to make arrests.

Walker’s fight against Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock is a top-tier Senate contest, as it is for a seat in a state that the Democrats absolutely must win next year if they want to retain their majority in the Senate.

Herschel Walker
Herschel Walker

Hershel Walker a Republican, has been accused of paying for an abortion and encouraging the lady to have a second one, both of which he has denied and which CNN has not been able to corroborate independently.

A poll released earlier this month revealed that Warnock had 52% support among probable voters compared to 45% for Walker, which is around the same as a poll taken in mid-September.

Walker claimed falsely that he had worked as a police officer in the past during a debate on Friday, but the Democrat pointed out that Walker had called policemen “names” and lowered “morale” because of it.

Warnock, referring to a police complaint from almost two decades ago in which the Republican contemplated exchanging gunfire with police, said, “One thing that I haven’t done is I haven’t pretended to be a police officer and I’ve never, ever threatened a firefight with police.”

Walker added in the NBC interview, “Everyone can make fun,” but he has “the right to work with the police getting things done” because of his badge.

When NBC’s Welker read from a statement by the National Sheriffs’ Association that such badges should be kept in a “trophy case,” Walker later confirmed that it was an “honorary badge.”

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