Where Is Gabriel Kuhn Murderer Daniel Patry Now?

In 2007, Daniel Patry brutally assaulted, tortured, and killed Gabriel Kuhn, a 12-year-old kid. The terrible event took place in Blumenau, Brazil. Daniel was always a hyperactive child; to the point where his parents took him to a psychiatrist. Do you want to know where is Daniel Patry today? Read out this full article to know:

In contrast, he ignored the sessions and eventually quit school altogether. He would, therefore, spend his time playing the online role-playing game Tibia.

Family & Parents of Daniel Patry

As far as I can tell, Daniel Patry was raised by loving and encouraging parents. Nonetheless, none of his parents’ identities have been publicly disclosed on any of his several social media accounts.

The authorities have not released the perpetrator’s identity for a variety of safety reasons. Therefore, there is less information available regarding Daniel’s parents.

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The Murderer Was Prisoned For Only 3 Years In Jail

Daniel Patry In Court
Daniel Patry In Court

True, Daniel Patry was soon arrested and convicted of Gabriel Kuhn’s murder, earning him a three-year sentence in a juvenile detention center. Police inquiries established that Gabriel had died as a result of severe physical trauma and that the incident had been precipitated by the Tibia game.

In the end, Patry admitted his guilt, saying that he had planned to hang Daniel but, realizing he was too heavy, had resorted to sawing him to pieces. Many others think his 3-year sentence was far too little considering the seriousness of the act he committed.

Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn Age

As of right now, Daniel Patry is 30 years old. His actual birthday, however, has yet to be posted anywhere online.

Due to safety concerns, authorities have not released the perpetrator’s identification. Therefore, there is limited data accessible about Daniel. Blumenau, Brazil is where Daniel Patry began his life.

In 2007, when he was 16 years old, Daniel Patry was arrested. Therefore, by 2021, he will have reached full adulthood.

Where Is Daniel Patry Now?

At this time, Daniel Patry should be living a life of freedom. According to accounts, he was only given a three-year prison sentence for his heinous conduct, despite the fact that he admitted culpability without remorse. His socio-educational actions were met with a rebuke.

The judge asked if he had any closing statements, and the defendant said that he would finish his vengeance in hell. His feelings toward the child’s bereaved parents were cold. A child’s life was lost over $1.75 in virtual currency that was never returned.

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