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Why is Kelly Clarkson Not on “The Voice”? Who has Replaced Her?

Why is Kelly Clarkson Not on The Voice

Why is Kelly Clarkson Not on The Voice

NBC’s reality show “The Voice!” is airing season 22 which begins on September 19, 2022. Blake Shelton and John Legend returned as coaches from the previous seasons but Kelly Clarkson has not returned for the first time as a coach since the fourteenth season.

Who has Replaced Kelly Clarkson in The Voice Season 22?

Gwen Stefani replaced Kelly Clarkson in the new season of the reality show as a coach with the famous singer Camila Cabello who has appeared in the show as coach for the first time. 

Who has Replaced Kelly Clarkson in The Voice Season 22

Though this season is certain to bring in a lot of adorable bits between Stefani and Shelton, we will surely miss Kelly’s fun bond with Blake Shelton and John Legend. So why led Kelly Clarkson to quit the show? Check it out in the article below.

Why did Kelly Clarkson Leave the Show?

Well Clarkson decided to leave The Voice as she wanted to have some quality time with her family. As the latest season of the show was filmed across the summer, back in an August interview with the Today show she said that she believed that it was important to take a hiatus since The Kelly Clarkson Show was on a break for a while as well.

Addressing her divorce from Brandon Blackstock Clarkson said “It’s maybe common for a lot of working people. You don’t get summers off, generally, unless you’re in high school. But I hadn’t had a minute and it’s obviously been a rough couple of years,” adding “So, it was really important to me to shut down for a minute.”

Further about spending quality time with her kids she continued “The kids were with me and with their dad and it was nice because they usually have to travel a lot because of our separation,” adding “We were both in Montana, so it felt like kind of the first time my kids felt more centered. It was nice.”

In another interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly shared that her co-stars were extremely supportive about her plan of stepping down from the show as coach she said “I texted the other coaches and the executive producer and everyone and I was like, ‘I’m really sorry, you know I gotta take a minute.’ And everybody understood it. They’ve been on this ride with me behind the scenes and they get it. Some have gone through similar situations.”

She further continued “It was really important, I think, to show my kids that, yes, Mommy loves work and I love to do what I do, but family is first,” adding “So, when we need a moment to step back and we need to be together, that’s when you take the time when it is necessary. We need to take those moments. And that’s what it was for me. But it’s bittersweet for me, because I love doing it. It’s so fun.”

Though currently it is not clear if Kelly Clarkson will get back to the show for future seasons, she isn’t indeed the first coach who left the show. Before that Adam Levine also quit the series in season 16 and since then, the eight-time winner of the show Shelton continued to be the show’s sole coach who appeared in every season of The Voice.

Final Words

The Voice Season 22 is premiering on NBC. Stay tuned with us only on Venturejolt for more such news.

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