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Is Olivia Rodrigo Leaving HSMTMTS? Here’s Why The Singer Had To Leave

You may have seen Olivia Rodrigo topping the charts with her viral songs. But she is also a famous actress who is popular for her role as Nini in “High School Musical: The Musical” The Series.” She has impressed the audiences with her role but sadly, it will end now.

Olivia is leaving “High School Musical: The Musical” The Series” and won’t be appearing in season 4. She has different plans for her life which aren’t aligned with her current career path.  So, the news about Olivia leaving “High School Musical: The Musical” The Series” is true and we have why she is choosing to leave.

Why Is Olivia Rodrigo leaving “High School Musical: The Musical” The Series”?

Olivia has won world fame with her album “Sour,” sitting at Number 1 spot worldwide. With gaining global success, fans were already wondering if Olivia will be continuing her acting career in the “High School Musical: The Musical” Series.” Well, the worst fears have come true and Olivia is now leaving the show. Olivia won everyone’s hearts with her talented music. So, now Olivia will be dedicating her full-time to music, which is her topmost priority.

Is Olivia Rodrigo Leaving Hsmtmts?
Is Olivia Rodrigo Leaving Hsmtmts?

Since it is hard to manage both acting and music, she chose music over her career. Undoubtedly, she enjoyed playing the role of Nini but as she had to continue with her music career, Olivia had to bid farewell to the series 

The series was an emotional roller coaster since the iconic East High of the original “High School Musical” was back in the form of the series. But for the 3rd season, they decided to go with a summer camp due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Creator Tim Federle said, “We had an entire [season 2], episode 12 written, table read, giant ‘Menkies’ performance [that we scrapped],” “We had so many COVID concerns in Salt Lake City and many of us had been in Salt Lake for over a year for season 2 that we ended up pulling the plug early because I just needed to get the cast back home to safety.”

So, the character of Nini is an integral part of the show but still, it had to be cut off due to Olivia’s demand. 

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Will Olivia Be In “High School Musical: The Musical” The Series Season 4”?

The “High School Musical: The Musical” The Series Season 3” premiered on the 27th of July and Olivia shared how great of an experience it was for her to be on this journey. She uploaded a couple of pictures of her and the show’s classmates on social media with the caption, “love all these people so so so much. Knowing and working with them has been one of the greatest joys of my life. Episode 1 of season 3 of hsmtmts is streaming now! wildcats forever.”

However, there isn’t much of Nini in season 3. Olivia is seen in only three episodes of the show. Olivia’s character was more of a guest star for this season. While talking in an interview, Federle disclosed that all three episodes in which Olivia was seen were actually shot only three days before she took off for her Sour Tour.

He claims that the schedule for “High School Musical: The Musical” The Series” was extremely crazy and that Olivia deserves all the appreciation for executing her duties perfectly. She ensured that all her scenes turned out to be perfect and it was also an added pressure for the creators to give a perfect ending to Nini’s character.

So, Federle explained, “All of that was shot with this crazy schedule in mind, which Olivia deserves because she is the queen of the world,” “What I wanted to say with Nini’s story [and] with EJ’s (Matt Cornett) story is that everyone can’t have a perfect, happy ending every season, but there’s always a future where you’re driving off into something that could be even better or at least teach you something about yourself.”

This was more of a send-off for Nini and though she left, Nini will be always remembered. Thus, Olivia will not be seen in “High School Musical: The Musical” The Series Season 4” breaking the fans’ hearts.

Season 3 was her last season and Nini will be missed. But we pray that the reason for which Olivia left the show is ultimately fulfilled. Olivia is currently one of the world’s top singers, and with her giving more time to her career, we believe that the change is about to happen.


Are you excited to see what Olivia offers after “High School Musical: The Musical” The Series”? Leave your comment below… 

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