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Why Did Shinji Choke Asuka In The End of Evangelion?

Fans continue arguing over the closing scene’s meaning in End of Evangelion. Shinji’s attempt to choke Asuka and her surprising response bring the story’s themes and narrative full circle in minutes.

However, this article will focus on the more objective parts of this scenario, which, due to its enigmatic and purposefully confusing composition, may go missed by even the most astute observers. Nonetheless, a few hints in this scenario can shed light on why did Shinji choke Asuka and how did he feel? So start reading to know more:

End Of Evangelion Plot

A young man named Shinji Ikari pilots Evangelion Unit 01, a massive cyborg created to combat evil supernatural beings known as Angels. After seeing his colleague pilot Asuka Langley Soryu in the ICU, Shinji mourns the loss of his comrade Kaworu Nagisa, who had revealed himself as an Angel in human form. As he shakes her awake, he inadvertently reveals her chest and masturbates in front of her, and then feels guilty about it.

To achieve Human Instrumentality, a shadowy group known as Seele has been plotting to set in motion a catastrophe known as the Third Impact, which will destroy all life on Earth. Seele learns that Shinji’s father, Gendo Ikari, plans to use Nerv. This paramilitary group deploys the Evangelion units to produce his version of the Third Impact to reconnect with his murdered wife, Yui, whose soul lives in Unit 01.

Seele sends in the Japanese Strategic Self-Defense Force to assume control of Nerv, killing most of the employees. Major Misato Katsuragi of the Nerve Order orders Asuka to be transferred to Evangelion Unit 02 and submerged in a lake. She then goes on to rescue Shinji from the hands of the Self-Defense Force.

Misato, hoping Shinji would protect Nerv, takes him to the bay doors of Unit 01, where they are both shots. Misato begs Shinji to take control of Unit 01 just before she dies. She kisses him and shoves him into an elevator. After investigating, Shinji found that Unit 01 was sealed in bakelite.

End Of Evangelion
End Of Evangelion

Gendo rescues Rei Ayanami, pilot of the Evangelion and keeper of the Angel Lilith’s soul. Gendo has had the Angel Adam surgically implanted in his right hand; if he merges Adam and Lilith, it will initiate the Third Impact. Attempting to stop him, Nerv scientist Ritsuko Akagi issues a computer command to destroy Nerv.

Ritsuko’s mother is killed by Gendo after a computer core named Casper disobeys its programming and acts independently. Asuka recovers from her traumatic experience within Unit 02 and activates it again. She wipes out the SDF, but reinforcements in the form of Seele’s mass-produced Evangelions soon arrive.

Before Unit 02’s battery dies, Asuka manages to destroy the Eva Units, but after they reanimate, they dismember both Asuka and Unit 02. Unit 01 escapes the bakelite and soars high above Nerv HQ. Back above ground, Shinji had a nervous breakdown after seeing Seele’s soldiers transport the disfigured corpses of Unit 02.

Why Did Shinji Choke Asuka?

When asked why he wants to return to the real world despite the chances of rejection and failure, Shinji says it’s so he can see his friends and the people he loves again. To honor the other key characters, besides Rei and Kaworu, Shinji has placed grave markers there (described below).

We can assume that the one bearing Misato’s cross is meant to symbolize her. Since Shinji might have thought for a while that no one was ever coming back and he was destined to remain alone, the sight of Asuka on the beach would likely shock him.

This could also explain why he choked her if he wanted to know if she was honest. Within Instrumentality, there is no individuality. Therefore, it’s possible that Asuka doesn’t have a will of her own, so she won’t respond and will accept whatever his demands, including having her killed. But she does more than simply respond; her actions are also motivated by empathy. Shinji realizes he is no longer alone and accepts her reality due to this.

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Where Does Shinji Take Asuka and Why?

The most infamous moment for the couple is when Shinji pleads with a sleeping Asuka to come to his aid. He masturbates in front of her exposed breasts.


Although she has shown no signs of maturity thus far, she has laid by Shinji’s side of her own will and responded to him with open affection rather than aggressiveness, which is encouraging. When Asuka finally learned to love and accept herself, she was finally able to get him, too, rather than rejecting him and other people out of fear of intimacy and rejection, just as Shinji did when he couldn’t bring himself to love and accept himself and instead ran away from people to avoid the pain of human connections.

This compassionate gesture, which mirrors Yui’s caress as he left Instrumentality a few minutes earlier in the movie, shows how overwhelmed he is to be accepted himself and may be ashamed of the way he has treated Asuka, and causes Shinji to pause as he realizes that it is indeed Asuka and he is indeed in real life.

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