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Robin McGraw Discusses Plastic Surgery Rumors

As for the allegations that Robin McGraw has had plastic surgery, she’s ready to end them. Many of her readers have speculated that the best-selling author has had plastic surgery to improve her appearance. Now, Dr. Phil McGraw’s wife is spilling the beans on how she maintains her youthful appearance.

This week on “I’ve Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw,” the 66-year-old revealed that she had a cosmetic treatment a few years ago, but it wasn’t a face-lift. Turns out McGraw had an eyebrow transplant, which dramatically altered her appearance.

She said, “It balanced out my whole face.” McGraw had been dissatisfied with the appearance of her eyebrows for a long time before learning that surgery to enhance their arrival was a possibility. As she said in the episode, “(My brows) were just not pretty because I tweezed them, and they never grew back.”

The author went to Dr. Marc Dauer, a hair-restoration specialist, a few years ago to have a minimally invasive operation that “transformed my look.” Given Dauer’s recent minor surgery, McGraw asked her to appear on her show this week to discuss it.

A person’s eyebrows are a striking physical characteristic. It’s like a picture frame around your face,” Dauer said. “If they are missing pieces or start too far over, it completely alters your appearance.”

Dauer had an eyebrow graft operation in which hair follicles were taken from her scalp and transplanted there. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a newer, less invasive technique that Dauer has been employing with similar success.

Because of the risks involved, hair for either treatment can only be collected from the patient or an identical twin. Simply said, hair is an organ that serves a vital purpose in the body. Therefore, all these immunosuppressive drugs would have to be taken before an organ transplant could be performed, as explained by Dauer.

According to Dauer, the popularity of having your eyebrows transplanted is on the rise, so much so that it takes up about half of his practice. He explained that his patients often receive compliments such as “You seem younger” or “Did you lose weight?” They are at a loss for a diagnosis.

McGraw acknowledged that she had tried hiding her brows in the podcast for a long time, and she thanked Dauer for helping her feel more confident.

She explained that she wore bangs because she was self-conscious about her eyebrows. “I let my bangs grow out and thrilled because of you and my eyebrow transplant.”

Robin McGraw Eyebrow Transplant
Robin McGraw Eyebrow Transplant

What Happened To Robin McGraw’s Face?

The actress and author, who happens to be married to the man who hosts the Dr. Phil show, think her husband is the greatest. Celebrity Family Feud (2008) and The Insider (2005) starred Robin McGraw. Further, she published not one but two books. In recent years, she and her husband have made many appearances at public events and on television, allowing viewers to observe the effects of time on her appearance.

It’s no wonder people are Googling things like, “What has Dr. Phil’s wife done to her face?” She probably had a facelift or Botox, which explains why her face looks slightly off. She revealed that an eyebrow transplant was responsible for her new appearance on her podcast I’ve Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw.

She continued, saying that she now felt like she had the right face proportions. Hair follicles were grafted onto the eyebrow area via a scalp transplant.

According to Robin McGraw, eyebrows are significant because of their impact on expression. Thick, well-defined eyebrows give the impression that the face is expressive and youthful.

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