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 What is Operation London Bridge? Ten Days Process After Elizabeth Death

Queen Elizabeth II take her last breath in her home Scottland, on 8 September. At the age of 96 and after providing her 70 years of service to the nation she makes a place in everyone’s heart. Now talk about Elizabeth’s connection with London Bridge. To know more about this connection, read this full post.

What is Operation London Bridge?

Londen Bridge is also known as “London Bridge is Down” and it is related to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. This plan is prepared in 1960 and revised many times till 2022. Everything is included in this propaganda, like her death announcement, mourning, and her funeral details.

Londen Bridge is also known as “London Bridge is Down” and it is related to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

To address the Prime Minister of the U.K. the phrase “London Bride is Down” was used personally. After this communication plan start as Church of England, Metropolitan Police Service, The British Armed Forces, media, Royal Parks, and Transport of London were involved in all this. Elizabeth takes decisions herself, and some are left to a new successor. The Guardians said they “planned to the minute” with “arcane and highly specific.” 

Many plans worked under this plan, like what have to do if Queen died at Scottland? This is known as Operation Unicorn.

Plan After The Death of Queen Elizabeth

After death, what should be done and how? This plane was prepared in 1960. Although it is three times updated now. The British Police, broadcasters, and the government are involved in it. The whole process, from her death news to her funeral is called London Bridge.

It was planned as her private secretary announced her death news and first communicated to Prime Minister by saying “London Bridge is Down.” Then the plan start and using many civil servants this news we sent to other countries where Elizabeth ruled.

Social media sites related to the Royal family turned black and other details will remove. Parliament of Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish prepare a meeting immediately. The new successor attends a meeting and gives a speech to the nation exactly at 6 pm.

Ten days after her death her funeral is prepared at Westminister Abbey and then her body is buried alongside Philip, in Windsor Castle.

Other Supporting Operations

Other two or three operations are also involved in this. Westminster Hall arrangments are called Operation Marquee and regarding ceremonial service, the plan is Operation Feather. This plan for the queen’s coffin depends on where she died. If she died in Windsor Castle then her coffin is made at St. Pancreas railway station, London.

Operation Overstudy

This plan is prepared if Elizabeth died outside the UK then the coffin was brought to Buckingham Palace and after five days it would be taken to Westminister Hall.

Operation Unicorn

It Queen died at Scottland and what should be done as described in Operation Unicorn? It was prepared in 2019 and this plan takes place in Holyrood Palaces, St. Giles Cathedral. Parliament work would be canceled for six days. The coffin takes first to Holyrood Palace for a reception at Edinburgh then it would be taken to Waverley Station then on the royal train to Londen.

So, this is all that we know about London bridge. Hope you like it. Stay tuned with us for more updates like this. 

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