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Is Black Adam Stronger Than Superman And Shazam?

Black Adam is one of the most dangerous fierce villains in the DC Universe, but is he stronger than Superman? Let’s look into his abilities before the movie with the same name comes out.

The official plot summary for the upcoming Black Adam movie says that the main character will “unleash his brutal form of justice on the modern world.” So, Dwayne Johnson, who plays Black Adam, will probably be seen in a harsher light than ever before. Johnson said that the movie is “edgy” because it changes how superhero movies are usually made. But how violent can Black Adam be if it’s shown on the big screen?

Here are Black Adam’s abilities and how they compare to those of other people in the DC Universe. Let’s see how he does when compared to someone like Superman.

Black Adam’s Powers Explored

It has been shown that Black Adam is more powerful than SHAZAM. People have said he is strong enough to fight the Justice League, the Justice Society, and most other DC Universe heroes. He has different skills thanks to the power of six Egyptian gods.

  • Shu, grants him stamina and invulnerability.
  • Heru, grants him super speed.
  • Amon, grants him physical strength.
  • Zehuti, who grants him wisdom and knowledge.
  • Aton, who grants him lightning powers.
  • Menthu, who grants him courage.

Black Adam’s producer, Hiram Garcia, says that Black Adam is “very, very powerful” and weighs more than “100 tonnes.” When asked how he compares to other heroes, she said, “He definitely has Superman-level powers, but there’s also a magical element to it.” Everything: super speed, electricity, and being very hard to hurt.

Garcia also said that in their world, Black Adam is “up there with Superman,” but one of his “great advantages” is that he doesn’t back down. When she compares Black Adam to Superman, she hints that his anger takes him to a new level. So, Black Adam might be as strong as the Martian Manhunter and Superman, but because he can’t stop himself, the results of his actions are often worse.

Is Black Adam Stronger Than Superman?

DC Comics has confirmed that Black Adam is much more dangerous than Superman, even though he might not be as strong.

Is Black Adam Stronger Than Superman?
Is Black Adam Stronger Than Superman?

But Dwayne Johnson has said that “the order of power in the DC universe is about to change.” This has led fans to think that the new movie could show that Black Adam is stronger than Superman and other heroes. He could be good, after all.

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