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Who Is Black Adam, A Bad Guy or A Hero?

Is Black Adam A Bad Guy?

Is Black Adam A Bad Guy?

Dwayne Johnson said that the order of things in the DCEU will change forever. We looked into what he meant and found out if Black Adam is a good or bad guy.

Dwayne Johnson has said that when Black Adam hits theatres, the order of things in the DCEU will change for good. But who is Black Adam? What is he able to do? From where does he come? Is Black Adam a bad guy?

The idea came from Otto Binder and C. Adam C. Beck and first appeared in The Marvel Family by Fawcett Comics. When he was first introduced, he wasn’t much more than a bad version of Shazam since they both have magic powers. He only made one appearance before the magical family beat him. When DC comics got the rights to the character, things changed. Adam quickly became one of the most well-known characters in the DC universe.

Adam will finally get his own DC movie in October 2022, and Johnson will play him. This is sure to make Black Adam more popular than ever. So, here’s everything you need to know about the ruler of Kahndaq’s powers and where he came from, and we’ll do our best to answer the question, “Is Black Adam a bad guy?” ’

Is Black Adam A Bad Guy or Not?

Black Adam is not a bad guy. He is not a hero. This is a fancy way of saying that Adam isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and is willing to kill his enemies, unlike Superman and Batman.

Johnson has been clear that this will be a part of his action movie, and the producer of Black Adam, Hiram Garcia, agrees with him. “The number of people killed by [Black Adam] in this already tops everything we’ve done before,” Garcia told Yahoo Entertainment. “One of the things I like about Black Adam is that he doesn’t hold back. You won’t have to worry about that with Black Adam.”

Who Is Adam Black?

In the new movie, Adam was born in the kingdom of Kahndaq 5,000 years ago. He was a slave in the city and went by the name Teth-Adam. When he met the Wizard, he was given the power of Shazam.

Is Black Adam A Bad Guy?

Black Adam used his powers to get rid of the people in charge, but his actions were so violent that he was locked up for 5,000 years. In the movie’s beginning, archaeologists will free Adam, and when he goes on a rampage, he will run into the Justice Society.

What Are Black Adam’s Powers?

Black Adam has powers like those of Shazam, the hero. Adam gets superpowers from the gods when he says the magic word “shazam.” He can fly, has super strength, can’t get hurt, and has many other amazing abilities.


How wonderful are these skills? They let him fight equally with someone as strong as Superman, which is fantastic. On the other hand, Adam’s powers come from ancient Egypt’s gods, while Shazam’s come from Greek gods.

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