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Is Sue Bird Related To Larry Bird? Details About Seattle Storm Point Guard

The legendary basketball player who has been storming the sports industry with its move, Sue Bird, is a four-time WBNA champion who later evolved as the WNBA’s all-time leader in making assists and career starts. The Seattle Storm point guard is an iconic name that cannot be replaced so easily. As a matter of fact, she maintained her reputation and proved her worth being a champion by being a five-time Olympic gold medallist. To bring the trophy to her home ground, she has been on the U.S. teams to be four-time World Champions.

After she won so many different accolades, fans are wondering if Sue is in any way associated with her NBA counterpart and star, “Larry Bird” who is well known as “Larry Legend” or “the Great White Hope”. The rumors are yet to be addressed fully but we have the answer to whether the two Birds and extraordinary players are in any way connected.  

Is Sue Bird Related To Larry Bird? The Answers Are Here

Sue and Larry share the same last name of “Bird,” which has made the fans anticipate the connection between the two. The Celtics Hall of Fame icon Larry Bird used to play forward with the Boston team for a long time, from 1979 to 1992, to be precise. He had the iconic 33 jerseys that he proudly wore until his retirement. The star has been a celebrated player throughout his lifetime. As Sue and Larry both are extremely good at what they do, fans are convinced that they are related in some way or another. 

But sadly, in reality, these two famous sports personalities are in no way connected. As a matter of fact, when Sue was younger, even she used to think that she was in some way connected to Larry Bird. Once in an interview with Sue revealed, “Since I’ve been five, people asked me if we’re related. It is usually the third question in a line of questions. What’s your name? Sue Bird. Oh, what do you do? I play basketball. Are you related to Larry Bird? That’s how it goes.”

However, that seemed to be just another dream that younger girls dream about. So, the doubt has been cleared and Sue and Larry Bird are in no way related.

Is Sue Bird officially Married?

Sue enjoys a peaceful personal life like a successful career. After meeting Megan Rapinoe in 2015 during the summit ahead of the Rio Olympics, the couple met each other for the first time. However, they didn’t get committed until the fall of 2016. Megan is known to be a global figure due to her constant activism for attaining equal rights. She is deemed to be the very first openly gay woman who posed for the magazine Sports Illustrated. 

Both the icons are recognized all over the world and they are still very much into each other. In October 2020, Bird and Rapinoe got officially engaged and they are now waiting to tie knots.

Is Sue Bird Really Retiring?

After dedicating more than half of her life to the game and unlocking so many achievements, Sue chooses to retire. The sports icon has served the national team for years and she even has spent considerable time bringing trophies for her country. Thus, in June 2022, Sue announced her retirement after this season ended. She uploaded a picture and captioned it,  “I have loved every single minute, and still do, so gonna play my last year, just like this little girl played her first.”

Is Sue Bird Really Retiring?
Is Sue Bird Really Retiring?

It would be a hard goodbye but the icon needs to have her own personal time in life after she had worked hard relentlessly. If you have hoped that Larry and Sue are related, then you need to know that it is in no way true. So, Larry Bird and Sue Bird are two different personalities not connected but their gameplays have brought pride to the nation. It has been a fortunate moment to witness the glory of the two most sorted players. Did you think that Larry and Sue are related?

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