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Two Russian Embassy Personnel Killed in the Kabul Bombing

On Monday, a suicide bomber killed six people near the Russian Embassy in Kabul including two embassy staffers. The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying “an unknown militant set off an explosive device.ย  As a result of the incident two personnel of the diplomatic mission were killed.”

It was also stated by the ministry that “there are also victims among Afghan citizens,” while no further information was provided. An Afghan security official told sources, “One of the employees of the embassy was an Afghan guard and we still do not know the nationality of the second person.” Ten additional persons were hurt in the explosion.

After the attacker was discovered and shot by Afghan security personnel near the Russian embassy in Kabul, a police spokesman stated that explosives went off in the crowd.

“Today around 11 a.m. local time a suicide bomber, who was intending to blow up his explosives among the crowd of people, was identified and shot by the security forces near the Russian embassy in Police District 7, Kabul. As a result, his explosives went off,” police spokesman Khalid Zadran stated on Twitter.

No one has taken responsibility just yet. After Monday’s attack Taliban members (C) patrol the road that leads to the Russian embassy. Sergey Lavrov Russia’s foreign minister confirmed that more Taliban soldiers had been sent to Kabul to protect the embassy.

“Two of our comrades have died. A number of actions were promptly made to bolster the protection of the outside perimeter,” Lavrov said during a meeting with Tajikistan’s foreign minister in Moscow.

He further said that “intelligence and counterintelligence services of Afghanistan” were involved. A statement from Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s spokesman, called the assault “unacceptable.”

“This was a terrorist attack, they are absolutely unacceptable. We strongly condemn such terrorist acts. Of course now the main thing is to get information about what happened to our diplomats. As far as I understand the information will be updated,” Peskov tried to tell a briefing Monday.

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