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Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey Trailer 1 Screams Public Domain

Here you can watch Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey Trailer 1 in the below section and you will read about trailer details here. The process of maturation is fraught with difficulty. Weird hyper-specific stages that we claim are not just a phase are right up there with the embarrassing physical changes and emotional upheaval. But giving someone (or something) the benefit of the doubt and enduring with them through their awkward teenage years is part of the process of traveling with them from childhood to adulthood. One such instance?

This writer, who used to sleep with an Eeyore stuffed animal, ignored the “mature content” warning on the trailer for the upcoming Winnie the Pooh horror film. The first Pooh film since lapsed copyright placed A.A. Milne’s characters in the public domain, Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, is getting more and more real by the day, and it now has a deliciously crazy first trailer.

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This is a horror film to reiterate what the content warning just stated. The plot is an adult Christopher Robin’s return to the 100 Acre Wood, where he left Pooh and Piglet, only to find that they had evolved into homicidal psychopaths bent on his destruction. As the preview makes clear, Christopher hasn’t figured any of this out. Instead, he’s taking his future wife with him on this first visit to his old neighborhood, where he’s positive all his long-lost pals are just itching to reunite.

After Christopher, his fiancée, and a group of unnamed girls are presented midway through the clip, it becomes clear that the adult versions of Pooh and Piglet are not nearly as thrilled to meet Christopher as they are to kill him, his fiancée, and the group of girls.

While the boar-like tusks that the reinvented Piglet sports appear like a better weapon, Pooh usually takes the lead with the slicing, thanks to his axe and his habit of gently swimming toward his victims in pools. However, this may be the most faithful adaptation of the book: Piglet is very shy in the canon.

The trailer cuts to a shot of the villainous Pooh and Piglet pouring blood and honey into a giant vat for reasons never explained. This is standard procedure; Pooh and Piglet’s motivations are always murky, if not absent, in the trailer slasher.

Why are they wasting their time with these other women if they are so angry at Christopher and he is right there? The only thing more challenging than becoming an adult is doing so without a human companion, as this means spending your formative years alone in the woods. It’s great that Pooh and Piglet are both so enthusiastic about the same thing.

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