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Mary Magdalene Is Addicted To Plastic Surgery, Shares Her Most Recent “Barbie Appearance”

Mary Magdalene, an Instagram influencer who is also addicted to cosmetic surgery, recently showed off her most recent Barbie makeover.

The social media sensation, who is 25 years old and has a beautiful new look, just posted an image that shows her transformation and described her “new face” as looking like a “forest fairy elf.”

After the successful operation, the model shared a snapshot of herself on Instagram depicting her face bloated and bandaged in the aftermath of the procedure.

Mary has spent over A140,000 on extremely dangerous treatments and undergone multiple surgeries over the course of her life in order to improve her appearance and make herself appear more alluring.

It would appear that the influencer from Toronto, Canada, underwent her first cosmetic treatment when she was just 21 years old. Her operations have included a brow lift, fat transfers, many nose and breast augmentations, butt injections, veneers, liposuction, and three Brazilian butt lifts. She has also had multiple fat transfers.

She had a breast expander of 5,000 ccs implanted not too long ago in order to achieve the desired outcome of having larger breasts.

She just recently shared a photo on social media showing herself recuperating from her most recent surgery.

“My top lip has not moved one bit after the surgery,” the patient complained. In a video that was uploaded over the weekend, Mary is heard saying the following. In spite of this, Mary was overjoyed and posted a picture on Instagram with the caption “it looks beautiful.”

“It’s a very fake-looking Barbie nose which is exactly what I asked for, and so many surgeons said it was not possible for me to have this type of nose because of my three prior nose jobs,” she posted on her website, according to The Sun. “It’s a very fake-looking Barbie nose which is exactly what I asked for,” she added.

Mary has had numerous cosmetic procedures performed over the past few years, including a brow lift, fat transfers, and multiple nose jobs. She has also had liposuction, veneers, boob jobs, and three Brazilian bum lifts.

Mary claims that she will not be finished with her surgery until much later. She admitted that in order to improve her appearance, she will get more surgery. According to reports, she jetted off to Russia for her most recent surgeries because she was unable to get the extensive procedures done in the United States.

Mary stated in one of her posts that she will have her eyebrow transplant, jaw surgery, and lip surgery scheduled for the following week, after which her face will be finished.

After nearly passing away from an operation on her vagina the previous year, Mary’s passing away was very nearly averted, which would have been a tragic turn of events for the world.

mary magdalen plastic surgery

Mary explains, “The most unique procedure I’ve ever had was very recently on my vagina, and I custom customized it so that I have the fattest vagina in the world.” This operation took place very recently. During the surgery, I came very close to passing away. I required two blood transfusions due to my condition.

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