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Is Venus Williams Dating Anyone In 2022?

On June 17, 1980, Venus Ebony Starr Williams was born in the United States, making her a professional tennis player. Williams, a former world No. 1 in singles and doubles, has won seven Grand Slam singles titles, including five at Wimbledon and two at the US Open. She is commonly considered to be among the sport’s greatest players ever. In this post, you will find out is Venus William dating or not?

Venus and Serena Williams were both coached by their parents, Oracene Price and Richard Williams. After transitioning to the professional circuit in 1994, her maiden Grand Slam semifinal appearance came at the 1997 US Open. Williams won the 2000 and 2001 Wimbledon and US Open tournaments, as well as the Olympic singles gold medal in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

On 25 February 2002, she became the first African American woman in the Open Era and the second after Althea Gibson to achieve No. 1 in the singles world ranking. Between 2002 and 2003, she competed in the finals of four Grand Slam tournaments, but she lost all four matches to Serena. She was after that plagued by injuries and was able to win only one major title between 2003 and 2006.

Since her 2007 Wimbledon victory, Williams has returned to her old self (a feat she repeated the following year). Once again plagued by injuries, she climbed back to the No. 2 spot in singles in 2010. In the next years, she worked her way back into form, culminating in 2017 with finals appearances at the Australian Open and Wimbledon.

Venus Williams Early Life

Williams’ parents, Richard Williams and Oracene Price, gave birth to him in Lynwood, California. At the age of seven, a professional tennis player from the area named Tony Chesta noticed Williams and immediately saw her potential as a player.

At the age of thirteen, Williams and her family relocated from Compton, California, to West Palm Beach, Florida, so that she and her sister Serena could train at the tennis academy by Rick Macci. The latter took an interest in the girls and offered them specialized instruction.


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Although he and Williams’ father did not always see eye to eye, he liked how “he treated his daughters like kids, allowed them to be young girls.” When Williams was eleven, Richard decided to cease entering her and her sister in national junior tennis competitions so that they could focus on school.

Venus Williams Method of Playing

Williams is a fierce competitor who can play everywhere on the court. Her aggressive approach to the game often results in high totals for both winners and unforced errors. She can hit both flat and with topspin on her forehand and backhand, and her groundstrokes are very effective.

She can also slice with her backhand to slow down rallies and interrupt the flow of play during games. She can serve a lot of aces because her help is so strong. Her first serve speed has decreased from an all-time high of 182 km/h (113 mph) to an average of 172 km/h (107 mph) and a peak of 189 km/h (115 mph) throughout her career (117 mph).

She uses her powerful kick, and slices second serve to keep her opponents from getting any easy points. Her 208 km/h do at the 2007 US Open was the fastest ever on the WTA Tour until 2014.

Venus Williams Personal Life

Yetunde Price, the sister of Venus and Serena Williams and their assistant, was gunned down in 2003 in Compton, California, not far from where the sisters used to practice. She was 31 years old. After Williams’s passing, his family released the following statement: “The shooting death of our dear Yetunde has left our entire family in shambles. She served as the central pillar of our group.

Her death has left her sisters bereft of a trusted companion, confidante, and sounding board. The depth of our loss is immeasurable, and today is the darkest of our life.”

Venus Williams graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with an associate degree in fashion design on December 13, 2007.

Williams withdrew from the 2011 US Open before her second-round match due to a diagnosis of Sjögren’s illness. She went vegan and cut back on sugar and calories after the diagnosis to get back in shape.


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Venus Williams Relationships

From Wimbledon 2007 to 2010, Williams dated the prominent golfer Hank Kuehne. They started dating in 2012 after she hired Cuban model Elio Pis to model underwear for her range. Until 2019, she was dating publishing heir Nicholas Hammond.

Who Is Venus Williams Dating?

Venus Williams and Reilly Opelka
Venus Williams and Reilly Opelka

By 2022, the tennis winner will have moved on from his/her previous relationship. Athlete Reilly Opelka was frequently photographed with Venus in 2021, leading to speculation that the two were more than just friends. The California native, however, swiftly put an end to fan speculation that he was her boyfriend by answering their questions on Instagram Stories.

When questioned by a fan, “Are you and Reilly dating?” Venus said, “No, @ReillyOpelka shot me down.” Venus made it clear to the world in a June 2021 interview with ESPN that she was single.

“I’m very single,” she said while laughing in response to a question about how her “love life” was going. “I might be undateable, actually.”

Venus Williams Venus Williams’ Ex-Partners

Venus and her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hammond started dating in 2017. These two used to be together, and it seems like they had a lovely affair despite the 12-year age difference. They attended Venus’ sister Serena’s wedding to husband Alexis Ohanian in November 2017, where the two were photographed kissing and cuddling.

A source reported in June 2019 that Venus and Nicholas had broken up after nearly two years of dating. During that time, a reliable source revealed that after two years of dating, the couple had finally called it quits. They do love each other; that’s not the reason. They haven’t stopped being pals.

It has been believed that before she began dating Nicholas, Venus spent nearly five years in a public relationship with Cuban model Elio Pis. They reportedly ended their relationship in 2017. Venus and professional golfer Hank Kuehne were romantically involved from 2007 through 2010.

Venus Williams’ Perspective On Dating

Venus spoke out against the pressure women feel to settle down and find love in an interview with Cosmopolitan published in September of 2021, saying that she enjoys her independence and freedom as a single woman.

“I have a lot of friends who don’t believe me when I say that I like my life and I don’t want to change it for any reason,” Venus told the outlet at the time. “I’m not desperate and they don’t believe me. They say things like, ‘You’re going to miss your window.’ I’m like, ‘Please, relax. You might feel this way, but I don’t. I promise you, I don’t.’”

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