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Is Serena Williams Father Richard Still Alive? His Illness And Health Update

Is Serena Williams’s father, Richard, still alive or dead? Richard Dove Williams Jr., the father of Venus and Serena Williams is a well-known tennis player. In 2016, he had two strokes. His son, Chavoita LeSane, was said to be taking care of him. Williams, who lives in Atlanta, has been having health problems lately.

Serena Williams was ranked 605th worldwide on Monday night’s main event at the US Open. She had only won one singles match in the last 450 days. She said she was retiring earlier this month, and this win is a great way to go out. Read on to learn more about her father’s health and how she paid tribute to him.

Is Serena Williams’s Father Richard Still Alive or Dead?

Yes, Richard Williams, Serena Williams’s father is still alive. He has been having health problems for a few years now. But that’s not Richard’s only problem. He also has to deal with his divorce from Lakeisha Williams.

Is Serena Williams Father Still Alive?
Is Serena Williams’s Father Still Alive?

Williams’s third wife is Lakeisha. He was married to her from 2010 to 2017. Since Williams and Lakeisha filed for divorce in 2017, they have been in a protracted legal battle. Lakeisha filed for bankruptcy so that she and her family could stay in their Palm Beach, Florida, home.

In papers filed with the court, her lawyer, Sara Lawrence, said that the couple had gotten back together and that the divorce process had not moved forward much since August 2019. Lawrence says that Lakeisha and Richard made up and were happy together after their fight.

Sara also said that Lakeisha thinks Richard Williams should pay her legal fees because he is wealthier. The Sun says that Williams, who is 80, is now in his son’s care because he can’t talk or take care of himself.

More About Illness And Health of Richard Williams

Richard Williams is in lousy health and going through a hard divorce. His son Chavoita Lesane, who has been in trouble with the law, is taking care of him. Public records show that the son, Lesane has been involved in several criminal cases for the past 23 years.

Since 2016, Lesane has been taking care of Richard. Lesane’s account’s most recent Instagram photos show that Williams looks weak. Williams has a problem with his nerves, making it hard for him to talk.

Serena Pays Tribute To Her Father During Her Final Round At US Open

The US Open singles champion Serena Williams won the first round to keep her career going. Even though Williams didn’t say it outright, she gave the impression that the US Open would be her last tournament.

Serena Pays Tribute To Her Father During Her Final Round At US Open
Serena Pays Tribute To Her Father During Her Final Round At US Open

Kovinic was ranked 80th in the world. She had to beat him. When she won the first of her three match points, which kept her singles career going, there was a big cheer.

Williams got up to talk about the match when Kovinic’s backhand return hit the net. She did crazy spins in the middle of the court before returning to her seat to take everything in and kiss her fans.

Williams has always been more than just a tennis player. The fact that she announced her retirement in an essay for the high-end fashion magazine Vogue shows that she is an American icon and one of the most well-known sports figures in the world.

Even though the former number one player in the world said, she was “evolving away” from tennis instead of “retiring,” there is no doubt that she plans to end her long and successful career in two weeks at her home major. It was a fancy night with lots of famous people, which seemed appropriate for what could have been her last match.

Olympia, Serena’s daughter sat in the front row with her father, Alexis, and wore white beads in her hair like her mother did when she won the US Open in 1999.

Everyone in the family stood up when Williams won the game. It was a moment that everyone who saw it would remember forever. The win was also a way to honor her father, Richard Williams, who has been sick for a while.

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