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Is Cissy Houston Dead Or Alive? What Happened With Her?

Is Cissy Houston Dead Or Alive? Cissy Houston is an American singer and actress who was born in 1933. As a well-known person, everyone wants to know if she is dead or alive, especially after rumors about her death spread all over the internet. Read the article below to learn more about “Is Cissy Houston Dead or Alive?” and find out what you need to know.

Who Is Cissy Houston?

Cissy Houston was born in the United States in 1933. She is a well-known singer and actress whose career began in 1938. Emily Drinkard is her real name, but she is known as Cissy Houston. Two Grammy Awards have been given to her. Her labels are RCA, Commonwealth United, Private Stock, Motown, Janus, Major Minor, Columbia, A&M, Delta Music, and Harlem. Her working styles are soul, gospel, disco, R&B, and pop.

Is Cissy Houston Still Alive or Dead?

She is still alive, yes. Cissy Houston was born in 1933, and he is from the U.S. state of New Jersey. Going to the personal side of Emily Drinkard, Emily Drinkard is living a healthy, wealthy life. Someone once said that he had died, but that was just a rumor. A Time to Kill: Original Soundtrack Album, The Preacher’s Wife: Original Soundtrack Album, Daddy’s Little Girl: Original Soundtrack Album and other albums with her music are well-known.

Is Cissy Houston Dead?
Is Cissy Houston Dead?

Cissy Houston Age

She was born in New Jersey, USA, on September 30, 1933, and grew up there. She is a well-known singer and actress. According to the most recent information, Emily Drinkard, also known as Cissy Houston, is now 88 years old. Some of her solo albums are Presenting Cissy Houston, Cissy Houston, Think It Over, Warning-Danger, Face To Face, and others.

How Tall Is Cissy Houston?

She focused on his fitness and diet because he was a celebrity and well-known figure in the music business. Her height and weight haven’t changed yet. But she is healthy and fit, and she lives a happy life with him. They now live in America.

Cissy Houston’s Family History

People are interested in her family, so we’re going to tell you about all five of them. Her mother was in charge of the group Drinkard Singers, and her father was a chef.

Mancel and Delia were her brothers and sisters. In 1966, she got married to William Elliott, who was an actor and drummer. But in 1975, they went their separate ways.

Their two kids, David and Damon Elliott, were born to them both. But she is happy with her life now, even though she was arrested because she had marijuana in her suitcase and hid it in her lipstick.

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