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Is Kayleigh Mcenany Pregnant? Donald Trump’s Former Press Secretary Is Expecting Her Second Child

The famous face of the news industry, the co-host of Fox News Outnumbered, Kayleigh McEnany had a piece of news to share with the world. Enough of political commentary and much focus on her personal life, Kayleigh Mcenany had happy news to share with her audience. Kayleigh Mcenany on June said she is pregnant with her second child with her husband, New York Mets pitcher Sean Gilmartin. The couple is thrilled to embark on another journey of parenthood. However, this isn’t her first child as she is also a mother to her daughter Blake. So, when was the news announced and how are things going? We have the latest updates.

Kayleigh Mcenany Will Soon Have Her Second Child

Kayleigh is a famous American political commentator who was also a part of the former Trump administration White House. She was appointed as the press secretary. Mcenany was born on 18th April 1988 and she turned 34 years old this year. The successful reporter got hitched with Sean Gilmartin back in November 2017. After spending a few years together, Kayleigh got pregnant in just two years. She had Blake.

Kayleigh Mcenany Will Soon Have Her Second Child
Kayleigh Mcenany Will Soon Have Her Second Child

Back then, she took to Twitter and said, @GilmartinSean and I are so blessed to welcome our first baby – Blake Avery Gilmartin – into the world!” she tweeted then, adding, “What a blessing from God she is to our family!”

As a matter of fact, she revealed her second pregnancy on Fox News’s Outnumbered program during the show on 16th June 2022. Kayleigh said that she was then four months pregnant and soon, Blake was going to be a big sister.

What Is The Gender of The Boy?

Sharing her little details in life made Kayleigh a prominent name in the industry. Everyone feels connected to her because she dares to spill details about her personal life that hardly anyone will. Without keeping the fans in suspense for much longer, Kayleigh McEnany made another revelation in the same program on 18th July 2022. She revealed that the couple is expecting a baby boy. 

“It is a boy!” a happy McEnany stated. “Much to Sean’s dismay, he doesn’t know if he’s left-handed or right-handed yet.”

To celebrate the memorable moment, the team of Harris Faulkner, Melissa Francis, Dennis, Karen Funaro, and Emily Compagno arranged a big blue cake. Kayleigh was extremely moved by this gesture and was emotional when the entire revelation happened. So, the couple will soon be having a son and will light their world with pure joy and happiness. Besides, Blake will also have a companion who will become her playtime partner in the future, hopefully.

What Is The Due Date of The Baby Boy of Kayleigh McEnany?

Kayleigh is currently six months pregnant; most probably, her due date is three months. It is anticipated that McEnany will have her baby in November 2022 if everything goes as planned. In case of any alteration, the media will update it soon.

However, November is quite a significant month for the McEnany-Gilmartin household. It looks like all the important dates are in November only. Specifically, the couple Sean and Kayleigh were officially husband and wife in November 2017. Next, they had their first child Blake on 25th November 2019 and that was another important moment of their life. And if their son is also delivered in the same month, November will become their lucky charm.

The boss lady even has her own fan page named Kayleigh McEnany Fan Club, which actively shares all the updates of her life. When the news was announced, the club took to the post where she announced and commented,  “Congratulations! We are all excited for you!”

At the time when McEnany declared about her second child, she did thank her entire cast for unlimited support.

She openly shared, “no more supportive workplace to be a working mum, I will tell you, than Fox News Channel. So thank you to everyone.”

Though she is excited to start her new journey, McEnany is also very focused on her career. She wants to be an inspiration to her children in the long run. We wish her good health and happiness. Hope that the baby brings joyous moments in her life.

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