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Selling The OC season 2: What Is The Probable Release Date, Cast List And More?

The spin-off of Netflix’s most popular real estate reality TV show, “Selling Sunset” is having a comeback or not? “Selling The OC” started soon after “Selling Sunset” gained popularity all over the world and fans need to know who is the real villain of this spin-off. Is it Alexa Hall? Or is she a hero? A season two is needed to clarify all the existing doubts. But will it renew and is there going to be a “Selling The OC Season 2”? Latest news is in and we will update you if “Selling The OC Season 2” is going to make a grand entry or will it just be canceled.

Is “Selling The OC Season 2” Renewed?

Netflix has not reviewed and updated the fans about “Selling The OC Season 2”. Netflix is notorious when it comes to reviewing and renewing new seasons for its shows. The show debuted on Netflix just on 24th August 2022. Currently, Netflix is assessing the popularity of the show and once it feels that the series has gained enough viewership to earn a second season, the OTT giant will then renew “Selling The OC Season 2”.

Selling The OC season 2
Selling The OC season 2

Considering the fact that “Selling Sunset” is now having its sixth season and “Selling Tampa,” the Florida spin-off is yet to confirm its renewal as well, we can hope that the updated news of “Selling The OC Season 2” will be coming any later.

What Is The Release Date of “Selling The OC Season 2”?

As of now, no one has confirmed about “Selling The OC Season 2” release date or its upcoming release. Maybe, the news will be announced before “Selling Sunset Season 6” is set to drop on Netflix, just like the last time the Tampa series was announced. The first season was originally announced in November 2021. Fans had to wait for nine long months to get to see the first season of “Selling The OC”. 

Now, if the show follows its original pattern, then we can say that the second series may get a confirmation in September 2022. As a result, you can hope that “Selling The OC Season 2” will be returning to your devices somewhere around June 2023. These are just calculative assumptions. We would recommend you wait for Netflix to come up with its official announcement before raising your expectations.

When Jason was asked if there will be “Selling The OC Season 2,” he claimed that he has never “been more excited to watch a season.” Besides he also desires for the audiences to “watch it for what it is and don’t make comparisons to other shows,” “these people are their own agents. They have their own lives and they’re doing their own thing,”  “I think it should be judged on its own merits. I think it’ll do quite well.”

Who Is Going To Be In The Cast of “Selling The OC Season 2”?

Of course, you do not have to think twice before guessing who the cast is returning for “Selling The OC Season 2”. The familiar faces that entertained you in season one are always going to be back to share their professional life with the audiences. As the Oppenheim Group is in charge of running the business, Brett and Jason Oppenheim are always a part of “Selling The OC Season 2”. The other faces who will be back are Brandi Marshall, Alexandra Jarvis, Sean Palmieri, Alexandra Rose, Kayla Cardona, Tyler Stanaland, Alex Hall, Polly Brindle, Lauren Brito, Austin Victoria, and Gio Helou.

One interesting fact about “Selling The OC” is that it consists of both male and female real estate agents unlike “Selling Sunset”. So, it is interesting to watch new flings cook up between the agents plus the fights that take place. On the other hand, new faces might be introduced. Like in “Selling Sunset,” we saw Vanessa, Chelsea, Emma, and Amanza were included as the season grew bigger and better, the same can happen with “Selling The OC Season 2”.

Selling The OC season 2 Cast
Selling The OC season 2 Cast

Bret once said to Today, “We just met people in different ways. And it was just very organic. And I love the way it all came about. I got really lucky,” “I’m very particular about the type of person that I want to work at the Oppenheim Group.”  

So, pretty sure that any new faces coming to the “Selling The OC Season 2” will go through a tough scrutinization process 

The “Selling The OC Season 2” release date is yet to be announced but we are pretty confident that it is about to happen. What are you hoping for in the return of “Selling The OC Season 2”?

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