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Does Jimmy Fallon Fake His Laugh? Negative Reaction From Fans

James Thomas Fallon, who we know as a popular TV host, actor and comedian. He hosts the late-night talk show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He has undoubtedly given us so many hilarious moments to laugh at. One of those memorable moments include when Bradley Cooper emerged on the show and while interviewing him, Fallon laughed nonstop. 

But some chaos is determined to happen with some fun. We have seen several awkward twists in his several interviews. There was a time when Dakota Johnson called him out for intervening guests while they tried to tell some story.

Another such instance was when Jimmy Fallon seemed to go a bit over the top for the fans’ liking, as his fake laugh became evident, while he was interviewing Ryan Gosling

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The 47-year-old sparked immense criticism because of his over-the-top laugh on the late-night talk show. All these slams never became hindrances for Fallon and he continued hosting the show as usual this neither impacted the show’s popularity. Though Fallon’s laughing started annoying a lot of the show’s fans.

Fans across YouTube and Reddit have noticed that Fallon has started doing this quite often and he has been observed either laughing without any reason or just fake laughing following a joke. Some of such interviews involve when the show had guests like Kelly Ripa, Terry Crews, Anne Hathaway and Jonah Hill, among others.

But the interview with Bradley Cooper went viral across the world and they were just laughing extraordinarily.  Coming to Ryan Gosling’s interview, Fallon’s fake laugh was evident, and hilariously, this came to Ryan’s notice.  Fallon’s habit of fake laughing is definitely not liked by a lot of people however, it might be compared to cutting his guests off as there are many instances when Fallon was seen talking over his guests.

The two specific celebs named Taylor Swift and Dakota Johnson put him on blast. Though it might also turn out that Fallon was just over-excited. Fans on YouTube and Reddit Observed his Fake Laughing when Ryan Gosling appeared as a guest. Click on the link below to watch the footage.

The clip has millions of views and is titled, “Jimmy Fallon Fake Laughing Obnoxiously through an entire interview with Ryan Gosling.”

Ryan Gosling would also get his dog along to the interview, and the pooch stayed by Ryan’s side across the whole interview.

It all began usually on the right track between them and later, the host abruptly started laughing at everything Ryan was telling him. Though Gosling was looking extremely confused with the way Fallon was reacting and fake laughing  since he would share a story that was not funny certainly, and in the middle of that, the host started to laugh without any reason.  

Let’s have a look at how fans had a negative reaction for Jimmy Fallon’s fake laugh

Fallon was not getting away with it, since fans on Reddit formed a separate page to make fun of him for his interview with Ryan Gosling. A fan wrote: “HAHAHAHAHA slaps table. Saying Jimmy Fallon is phony is like saying water is wet or the sky is blue.” 


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“He does the clap laugh thing so annoying. I do wonder though sometimes maybe they aren’t feeling well or something but still have to just play along to not waste everyone’s time,” wrote the other one.

We believe Jimmy must be having pain in his mouth and jaw after laughing for no reason at all in a lot of interviews but there has been enough thrashing now. We cannot doubt his sense of humor and the fact that the host loves to laugh and make people laugh. He has established himself as a great comedian and has triumphed in the field.

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