Alex Jones Looks So Thoughtful After Celebrating Baby Annie’s Birthday

Alex Jones had a busy Monday celebrating her daughter Annie’s first birthday but was eager for some downtime when it was over. The One Show host took her daughter on a walk on Tuesday and posted a selfie of themselves in which she appears deeply introspective.

A neighboring wooded location provided the perfect backdrop for the presenter’s peaceful photo op, as she stood between the trees with the sun beaming through a clearing. The beautiful picture showed a sleeping baby Annie, swaddled and placed on her chest.

Alex wore a beautiful blue sweater and carried sunglasses to shield her eyes from the light. She captioned the image, “A little walk with my girl after the birthday celebrations,” and added a heart emoji at the end.

Stacey Dooley, a close friend, wrote, “You look stuns here,” and another fan exclaimed, “Gorgeous photo Al – your cheekbones are looking razor sharp!” A third wrote: “Enjoy the celebrations… I have a little Annie who is just turned 3! The post-celebration cuddles are the best.”

One more was added: “Beautiful pic. Is Annie a year old already?!” and a fifth shared: “What a beautiful serene photo it almost seems an intrusion to comment. Stunning.” Alex took a photo of Annie laughing hysterically next to her birthday cake as she celebrated Annie’s special day.

The mother of three superimposed a birthday hat on top of the photo, covering Annie’s face only partially. The proud mother in the photo was beaming as she posed in a bright yellow outfit and sunglasses. The celebrity also posted a detailed shot of the cake, revealing that it was a Victoria sponge created from scratch and adorned with fresh flowers.

Alex has been away from The One Show for a while, but her time off from the popular show will finish at the end of August, which will be great news for her many fans.

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