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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Specifications and Price

The year 2022 will see the release of a brand new Samsung smartwatch. Here’s what we know about the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5, like the launch date, price, specifications, and others. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Launch Date

In 2021, Forbes confirmed that Samsung “apparently plans to release the new watch in “Q3-Q4” of the following year. The news got confirmed at the August 10 Samsung Unpacked event.

The watch is available for pre-ordered now and is set to release on August 26.

Pre-Order Details

On the 10th of August, pre-orders for Galaxy Watch 5 Pro started. You can simply go to that same page for the regular model.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Specifications

One of the standout features that sets the Galaxy Watch 5 apart from the other model is its rollable display, which means a screen that can be rolled out to make it bigger.

Apart from looking like a natural inclusion to the other extendable-display devices from Samsung, there are patents to stick for it, and it is also expected to come up with a camera in the center. It was not ready for the 2022 watch, also we would not be able to confirm unless we get some upright leaks. As of now, this is yet to be confirmed and we will update this as some information is available.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Specifications
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Specifications

The other features include enhanced physical design, new straps, and a longer-lasting battery. Another feature is wider compatibility: opening up the phone for complete use with non-Samsung devices as well and this would definitely be praised by specifically iPhone users apart from the other Android users as well.

The new smartwatch has a route workout, however, all the earlier versions also have features to track sleep cycle. 

The watch controls’ BioActive sensor has three health sensors that include:

  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis sensor that measures body fat percentage and skeletal muscle weight,
  • Electrical Heart sensor for real-time ECG tracking to check unusual rhythm, and 
  • Optical Heart Rate sensor that keeps a check on cardiovascular health and tracks irregular heart rates.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Specs and Hardware

Galaxy Watch 5 is available in three different versions: 40mm, 44mm, and 45mm. The smaller versions will be available in Silver, Grey, Gold, and Blue, whereas the Watch 5 Pro will be available in Gray Titanium and Black Titanium.

The face utilizes the first sapphire crystal glass display from Samsung. Armor Aluminum is used to make the two smaller versions whereas titanium is for the Pro version of the watch.

We have listed each version’s rated capacities below: 

  • 573mAh for Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, 
  • 398 mAh for the larger watch, and 
  • 276 mAh for the smaller version. 

As per Samsung, the new watch will be charged to 45% from completely dead within 30 minutes because of its fast charging. With just a single charge, Samsung’s new watch can be used for up to 80 hours (20 hours if you enable GPS). 

Furthermore, a rollable display we already mentioned above. But this is not ready as of now for the Galaxy Watch. Though if it ever happens, the screen would be able to extend up to 40%. 

The camera will further probably allow you to capture pictures and videos simply using the watch and probably have the feature of face unlock to ensure better security.

The screen size becomes twice as compared in the most compact position when it is fully extended. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Price

Below are the launch prices of the new Samsung smartwatch:

Galaxy Watch 5

  • 40mm Bluetooth priced at $240
  • 40mm LTE priced at $290
  • 44mm Bluetooth priced at $270
  • 44mm LTE available for $320

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

  • 45mm Bluetooth can be booked for $370
  • 45mm LTE priced at $420

We will keep you updated with more such news until then stay tuned with us only on Venturejolt.

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