Is Teen Mom Really Scripted? Actors Talk About Fake Scene

There are a lot of speculations and perceptions when it comes to reality shows. Teen Mom’s producers have been alleged for editing the sequences according to their plot. Further, not just fans have slammed MTV rather the show’s cast also criticized the network for the same. This allegation led many of us to wonder whether Teen Mom is completely scripted. So, the answer to this is indeed a NO! Not at All. 

In December 2020, Jade Cline criticized the producers of the show for her “negative” edit. Kloie Kenna’s mother took to Twitter writing “It seriously blows my mind how MTV only shows horrible, negative s–t on my story,” adding “I’m sick of all the bulls–t I’m getting from people saying I’m a bad mom. I do everything for my kid. You guys see five minutes of a bad day and assume that’s my life every single second. Dumb.”

Following the removal of Farrah Abraham from the show, she alleged that she “couldn’t take” being “villainized” any further. In a 2018 interview at Elton John‘s AIDS Foundation Oscars Party, she said “I’m an amazing mother,”, adding “I look forward to doing scripted, and you know, the show is getting a little bit scripted in its own right, so I think it was just a natural change into film.”

Though she also went on to say “I think I left Teen Mom on a high note. It was its longest season, it’s doing amazing thanks to myself, and I really just want the best for all the other women on the show.” When alum Jenelle Evans was questioned once by a fan about the show being “staged,” she responded saying “Nope.”

Let’s take a look at the opinion of other cast members of the show on being fake.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham has put all her focus on parenting her daughter, Sophia Abraham. Talking about her workout, she said “I always go HAM. It’s summer all year long for me,” adding “Boxing is always great, I am not going to lie, but I have been mixing [it] up.”

“I have been doing Pilates. I have been doing just stretching — just pure stretching classes — nothing else. There have been a lot of good new workouts. So, I am kind of like doing two-a-days but [with] a different workout regimen,” she added.

Jenelle Evans

In 2018, Evans shared on Instagram to put an end to all rumors about the reality series. During a Q&A on Instagram, a fan asked “Is Teen Mom 2 staged?”, to which she responded, “Nope.”

Leah Messer

In 2016, Leah raised an issue with an episode of the seventh season, where she and then-husband Jeremy Calvert were having an emotional conversation about their marriage’s destruction.

Leah told her ex-husband, “So we shouldn’t have just given up.” After that, the sequence cut to Jeremy who disregarded her remarks staying quiet on the subject.

Though a particular section of their talk was allegedly left by the network on the cutting-room floor and Messer was annoyed with this. She took to Twitter to share “I’m 99.9% sure those feelings were mutual. I could go into detail, but won’t,” adding “Oh, how I love this fake ass TV show #SoOverIt.”

In March same year, she made the claims that MTV edited her plot writing “It’s so sad how the person behind the editing can even live a happy life by editing to manipulate the audience watching,” adding “It makes me feel like my life story isn’t enough.”

Chelsea Houska

In 2017, Chelsea showed her concern for her daughter named Aubree as well as her jealous behavior toward her younger brother, Watson. She tweeted “Just a little something that irked me about the show tonight. There’s a part where I say, ‘I feel like it’s taking away from Cole’s experience,’” adding “And that was taken out of context from a different convo and added in that scene for some reason.”

Kailyn Lowry

In 2015 “Coffee Convos” podcast host expressed her dejection in MTV for only targeting her disturbed relationship with Jo Rivera. She shared via Twitter “Yet another episode where none of my accomplishments are shown,” adding “Hard work in school, Dean’s List, etc. I want to motivate other young moms to stay in or finish school. Not be asked to talk about Jo drama.”

In July 2017, Kailyn also slammed MTV alleging it rearranged the scenes in a negative way. She shared via Twitter writing “They did that several times on tonight’s episodes,” further continued that she “lost [her] mind” following the show’s producer “provoked” her son, Isaac to shed tears on camera.

Javi Marroquin

Though a lot of the show’s cast claimed it to be edited and fake, Javi Marroquin, who is Kail’s former husband, put an end to their accusations in an interview. He said “This is our story. I don’t know how editing is so bad when no one is forcing us to say the things we do,” adding “We control our story, so I never understand that. Yes, they may cut some things out, but we should be cognizant about what we say knowing they may cut some things out.”

We will keep you updated with more such news, until then stay tuned.