Gary Busey Net Worth 2022, Early Life, Career and More Updates

U.S. actor Gary Busey has made quite a name for himself. He has had a long and distinguished career as an actor and has been in dozens of films. Gary has a stellar reputation for his portrayal of a wide range of characters in the film. Most people recognize him from his role as Buddy Holly in the film of the same name. In recognition of his outstanding performance in the film, Gary received numerous award nominations. Then, years later, he began to receive recognition for those efforts as well. Gary has worked on a wide variety of films, such as Angles Hard as They Come, The Last American Hero, and Hex. Gary is a phenomenon in the acting world, and he has made an indelible impact on the field.

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Gary Busey’s Net Worth

American film and stage actor Gary Busey has a net worth of $500,000. Gary Busey gained his fortune through roles in blockbuster movies like “The Buddy Holly Story,” “The Firm,” “Lost Highway,” “Point Break,” and “Black Sheep.” He has also made guest appearances on shows including “Gunsmoke,” “Walker, Texas Ranger,” “Law & Order,” and even “Entourage.” On reality shows like “Celebrity Apprentice” (where he has been twice, in Seasons 4 and 6), and “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” Busey is noted for being a wild card.

Although Gary Busey does not have a large collection of automobiles, he does have a few. He has a soft spot for automobiles but has no plans to amass a garage full of them. Aside from a Range Rover and a Chevrolet, his collection of automobiles ends there. Though he once rode frequently, he now rarely uses a car.

Gary Busey Early Life

His early life began on June 29, 1944, in Goose Creek, Texas, where William Gary Busey was born. They had moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma while he was in fourth grade. He got his education at Bell Junior High and Nathan Hale High School. He attended a small college in Kansas and later received a football scholarship to attend Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg. But then he blew out his knee and had to give up his dream of becoming a professional football player. Soon after enrolling at Oklahoma State University, he decided to withdraw from school. When he got to college, that’s when he started thinking about acting as a career.

Gary Busey Career

In the 1960s and 1970s, under the aliases “Teddy Jack Eddy” and “Sprunk,” Busey began his career as a musician and entertainer. First appearing in “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” starring Clint Eastwood in 1974, Busey’s cinematic career took off from there. In 1978, in “The Buddy Holly Story,” he played his first major role. Busey was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance as the lead. This performance earned him the Best Actor trophy from the National Society of Film Critics. Busey had a busy 1980s, appearing in films like “Bulletproof,” “Barbarosa,” and “Bulletproof.” In the “Lethal Weapon” films, Busey starred as the main bad guy, opposite Mel Gibson, and Danny Glover.

Gary Busey Net Worth 2022, Early Life, Career and More Updates

Point Break, Predator 2, Under Siege, Rookie of the Year, The Firm, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas were just a few of the major films in which Busey acted in the ’90s. In the 2000s, Busey appeared in a variety of media, including the Comedy Central reality show “I’m With Busey,” an episode of “The Simpsons,” and the TV miniseries “Into the West.” Busey has supplied his voice to the “Grand Theft Auto” video game series. Busey starred in the Turkish nationalist film Valley of the Wolves in 2006. Fascism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Americanism were all labeled against the film. Busey played a spoof of himself on three episodes of the HBO series “Entourage” in 2007.

Busey started appearing frequently on reality TV shows like “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” “Celebrity Apprentice 4,” “Celebrity Apprentice 6,” “Celebrity Paranormal Project,” and “Celebrity Fit Club” in the late aughts. When he won the British edition of “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2014, he became the first American to do it. When the 21st season of “Dancing with the Stars” aired in 2015, he competed in it. Anna Trebunskaya, a dancer, and Busey were put together. They made it to the fourth week before being ousted, good for tenth place overall.

Busey’s casting as God in the Off-Broadway musical “Only Human” was revealed in the summer of 2019. The 2020 series “Gary Busey: Pet Judge” on Amazon Prime featured Busey in a judging role for animals. Court cases involving disputes over pets are heard and decided as Busey acts as a judge on the show. Not a reality show, per se. As bizarre and entertaining as it sounds, it is written and has a cast of performers.

Busey has roles lined up in three future projects as of 2020: the documentary “The Gettysburg Address,” the film “Reggie: A Millenial Depression Comedy,” and the feature “Rabere.” Unfortunately, the actor has hit hard times financially as of late. Gary Busey claimed more than $500,000 in debt when he filed for bankruptcy in California under Chapter 7 on February 6, 2012. Busey claims in the documents that he owes between $500,000 and $1 million to the likes of the IRS, Wells Fargo, UCLA Medical Center, and others while holding assets worth less than $50,000.

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Gary Busey Personal Life

In his private life, Busey recently tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Judy Hulkenberg. Jake Busey, their only child, was born in 1971. Like his father, Jake has taken up acting as a profession. Hulkenberg and Busey’s divorce was finalized in 1990. Two more children round out Busey’s brood: a daughter named Alectra from a previous relationship, and a son named Luke, born to his wife Steffanie Sampson in 2010. Steffanie is a hypnotherapist and stand-up comedian.

Busey was critically hurt in a motorbike crash in 1988. His skull was shattered because he had not been protecting it with a helmet. Busey suffered a momentary death during brain surgery to repair a subdural hematoma he sustained in the accident. He claims to have visited the hereafter and gained enlightenment about the spiritual realm while he was dead. After examining the patient’s skull, doctors concluded that the accident had caused irreversible brain damage. In Busey’s mind, he doesn’t have a brain injury.

Busey had a plum-sized malignant tumor removed from his sinuses in 1997. It is Greenie the bird, and Busey keeps him as a pet. cancer has destroyed his tear ducts and sinuses. Busey struggled with cocaine dependency in the ’80s and ’90s. Claiming he hasn’t used the drug since his overdose in May of 1990. Gary Busey has a long-standing Malibu, California, residence. Sometimes he is spotted while out and about doing errands like grocery shopping in Malibu.


Gary Busey has always been a fantastic performer and an even greater human being. He has accomplished a great deal in his career. Most of Gary’s films include outstanding performances. His work as a character actor has been invaluable to the film business. Very few actors now have the ability to embody complex characters on screen. Gary is really content with his life right now, and he doesn’t make many movies anymore. He has earned his leisure time and is making the most of it.