Brand New Cherry Flavor 2 Release Date Status, Plot, Cast and Other Updates

Brand New Cherry Flavor is a horror drama television series that premiered on Netflix on 14 August 2022. It is created by Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion based on Todd Grimson’s novel Brand New Cherry Flavor. Now let’s talk about its second season.

Its creator Nick stated in an interview with Screenrant that these series have limited episodes and but this does not mean it is finished now. Its second season may be possible soon. 

 He also said “We planned it as a contained story. Never say never if all the stars align, but we felt we wanted to take this journey with this character. So, we took elements of what Todd [Grimson, the author of the novel the show is based on] created to tell a contained story.”

Hence there will be any Brand New Cherry Flavor 2 and Will its premiere on Netflix? To know more about Brand New Cherry Flavor 2 read this full post. 

Brand New Cherry Flavor 2: Who Will Reprise Again?

Here I am going to explain all the star casts of this series. According to our sources, the previous cast will remain and if there is a new entry we will update you soon. But now there is no announcement about its cast. 

  • Rosa Salazar as Lisa Nova
  • Catherine Keener as Boro / Jennifer Nathans
  • Eric Lange as Lou Burke
  • Jeff Ward as Roy Hardaway
  • Manny Jacinto as Chris / Code
  • Hannah Levien as Christine
  • Siena Werber as Mary Gray / Boro
  • Daniel Doheny as Jonathan Burke
  • Darcy Laurie as Ralph
  • Sean Owen Roberts as James
  • Leland Orser as Mike Nathans
  • Patrick Fischler as Alvin Sender

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Brand New Cherry Flavor 2: Plot of the Series

Brand New Cherry Flavor 2 Release Date Status, Plot, Cast and Other Updates
Brand New Cherry Flavor 2 Release Date on Netflix.

Episode List of Brand New Cherry Flavor 1

No. Title Directed by
1 Arkasha Stevenson Teleplay by Lenore Zion & Nick Antosca
2 “Hair of the Dog” Ganja Monteiro
3 “Roman Candle” Gandja Monteiro
4 “Tadpole Smoothie” Matt Sobel
5 “Jennifer” Matt Sobel
6 “Milk Bath” Jake Schreier
7 “Egg” Jake Schreier
8 “Bodies” Nick Antosca

Now this series is based on a novel that is limited. Now, what should be the story? If we see the last episode of the series, find that Lisa’s life is never explained in the show. We also know that Boro is a ghost who can enter anyone’s body and enjoy his life. A boy murdered Boro’s wife.

Lou becomes blind issued by a brain-eating worm. In this new series, we can see if Boro is able to enter Lisa’s body. 

Brand New Cherry Flavor 2: Release Date

The audience is watching for the new release date of Brand New Cherry Flavour2. Recently there is no official update regarding its release date. In fact, till now this series is not renewed. The trailer for season two is not out now. Its new season will be available on Netflix Hindi language.

According to our internal sources, it may be possible that season 2 is available in 2023 hopefully.

Brand New Cherry Flavor 2: Review

Brand New Cherry Flavor 1 is liked by the audience. It was based on a novel written in 1996 by Tod. Actually, this season is released on 13 August 2021 on Netflix. There are 8 episodes in this series and every episode is 32 o 58 minutes. Its rating is 6.7. Now let’s wait and watch what happened with season 2. 

Warrior Hunter, “I can’t wait for the series to be available in France! I saw a trailer is and it looks interesting, but it is especially Rosa Salazar that I am very interested in”.

Hope you like this information. If we get any official updates about this season we will update you soon. 

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