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Liz Cheney Is Expected To Lose The Republican Primary In Wyoming

Liz Cheney has lowered her image on a national level, and she has publicly criticized former President Donald Trump for his behavior on January 6.

The Wyoming Republican is one of only two Republicans serving on the House Jan. 6 committee, on which she serves as the vice chair. Hers is one of the most eloquent voices that has placed the blame for the uprising squarely on the shoulders of President Trump.

However, Cheney will have to face voters in her home state of Wyoming on Tuesday, and those voters will decide her fate and whether or not they want to send her back to Congress.

And it seems like she’s in a lot of difficulties right now.

The broadsides that Cheney has taken against Trump have put her career in significant peril since they have garnered the ire of Trump and prompted him to promote Harriet Hageman as a primary opponent.

However, her favorability among Republicans dropped all the way down to just 13%.

When we look at the results of other surveys, we see the same pattern. For example, a poll conducted by Quinnipiac found that her support rating among Republicans is only 17 percent.

A survey indicated that 72 percent of Wyoming residents disapprove of Cheney’s job performance there.

That is not good news for a candidate who is attempting to win a primary election in which there is strong competition.

Let’s have a look at the statistics, shall we? In general, even if every registered voter in the state-supported Cheney, including every Democrat, every member of the Constitution Party, every libertarian, and every other registered voter in the state who was not affiliated with any political party, she would still be more than 200,000 votes short in a state with just under 300,000 registered voters.

To put it another way, even if Cheney were to win the votes of every single person in Wyoming who is not a Republican, she would still lose the election by roughly 50 points (73 percent to 27 percent) if she did not win any votes cast by Republicans.

Cheney will undoubtedly succeed in gaining the support of some Republican voters, despite the fact that this is a very difficult hill to climb.

All of this points to a potentially difficult night for Cheney, and if she does lose, only two of the ten House Republicans who voted for Trump’s impeachment as a result of his conduct on January 6 will have won their primaries. If Cheney does lose, only two of the 10 House Republicans who voted for Trump’s impeachment will have won their primaries.

One of these Republicans, David Valadao of California, is one of the most vulnerable in the country as a result of the fact that he represents a district that President Joe Biden won by a significant margin in the election of 2020.

This implies that when the next Congress begins, it is feasible that just one Republican Trump impeacher will likely still be in office. That person is Dan Newhouse, who represents Washington.

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