William Shatner Goes Off on New Star Trek Shows

The first night of San Diego Comic-Con was ended wonderfully by William Shatner with a plethora of cussing and a review of his storied career.

During a conversation with host Kevin Smith, the actor opened up about space travel (fictional and real both), aging, and his position in pop culture.

His age was a continuous joke across the panel, and Shatner was joking that he could pass away at any time amidst the panel. To this, Kevin responded “None of us really want that, sir, but that would be fucking incredible at Comic-Con,” adding “People would be like, ‘he died like the legend he was.’”

Across the Shatner on Shatner panel, the legend swayed between, like he keeps it, “serious” and “fun” subjects. He addressed the significance and strength of the fanbase that contributed to his successful career, and particularly to Star Trek, which gave us the character James Tiberius Kirk 56 years earlier and became his most popular character.

When Shatner was questioned to address the fans about that other significant science-fiction franchise, he teased saying “fuck Star Wars … But not Mark Hamill.” To this Kevin agreed to say “We love Mark Hamill.”

When a fan asked him whether there were any new Star Trek series that he believed competed with his own, he responded “none of them.”

The 92-year-old said “I got to know [creator] Gene Roddenberry in three years fairly well,” adding “he’d be turning in his grave at some of this stuff.”

He also gave a difficult time to a fan for having a mask on as he was not able to listen to the question the man was asking. Shatner stated “Not only did I not understand what he’s talking about, but I don’t understand who he’s talking to” following he put much effort to ask the man to take his mask off. (Wearing a mask is strictly imposed this year at Comic-Con)

William Shatner Goes Off on New Star Trek Shows
William Shatner

Shatner on Trip Into Outer Space

Shatner also talked regarding his real tour into outer space which he had with Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin. He emphasized how essential it was to soak in each minute. He said, “I went, and I vowed that every moment that I spent in space, would not be playing around in weightlessness, but looking out the window and trying to get an impression.”

Though he stated our own planet is a place we are really supposed to be. When a fan questioned him about the planet he would love to visit, he responded “this is the only fucking planet we’ve got.”

At the conclusion of the panel, he displayed emotional footage from its forthcoming Shatner biopic, in which he articulated a story of finding out his dearest pet dog passed away when he was just 10. He explained how this made him understand the uncertainty of life, changed his perception, and taught him to value every passing moment with family, nature, and Earth.

The panel concluded with a promise fulfilled by William. He stated at the start that he would be involved in a “curse off” with Kevin. He said, “You’re a double dumbass.”

Smith responded this referring to the 1986 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home lines: “Well, double dumbass on you.” William then teased back saying “What kind of a shitty statement is that,” to which Kevin said, “Now you just sound like my mother.” And while ending the panel, Shatner stated “I feel sorry for your mother.”

Well, no doubt that the first night of San Diego Comic-Con ended amazingly. Stay tuned for more such news.