Mark Rober Net Worth 2022: Income, Salary, Career, and More Details

Mark Rober is an inventor, YouTuber, and engineer, primarily gaining attention for videos he posts on his YouTube channel. 

In this article, we will sneak into some primary details about Mark Rober, such as his net worth, childhood, career, and more. Read the full article below to know all such information about him.

Mark Rober’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the estimated net worth of Mark Rober is said to be nearly $5 million. He earns him majorly from his YouTube channel currently which majorly focuses on popular science and do-it-yourself gadgets. Apart from being a YouTuber, he also worked as an engineer in companies like Apple Inc. and Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

After taking a dig into his net worth, let us have a look at Mark Rober’s career.

Mark Rober Career

Mark Rober’s career has contributed a lot to his net worth. He joined NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 2004 where he worked for 9 years. At NASA, he focused on the development of the Curiosity rover for the first seven years in order to explore the Gale crater on Mars.

Apart from that, he also developed hardware for several missions of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which includes the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory, the Soil Moisture Active Passive, and the Mars Science Laboratory. 

When he was still working at NASA, Mark began making several types of videos, a lot of which revolved around science-related topics like sand fluidization and water purification.

Mark Rober YouTube Career

In October 2011, Mark began his YouTube career and the first video that he posted on the platform was a personalized Halloween costume which he made with a pair of iPads that eventually gave it appear like his body was transparent.

This video went viral in no time and was viewed by 1 million people within a day. He then never looked back and continued becoming popular with his videos. Mark Rober’s YouTube career also helped him considerably in establishing his name and net worth as well.

Marl launched one of his biggest projects titled #TeamTrees in 2019 in collaboration with fellow YouTuber MrBeast. It was a collaborative fundraiser targeted to raise a fund of $20 million in order to plant 20 million trees. All the proceeds were donated to the Arbor Day Foundation and by January 2020, they started planting trees. #TeamTrees managed to raise over $23.8 million as of June 2022 and so far, approximately 17 million trees have been planted.

In 2021, Mark launched another collaborative fundraiser project called #TeamSeas with MrBeast. It was aimed to raise a fund of $30 million in order to clean up the seas and beaches, clearing a pound of marine debris for every donated dollar.

Other Works

After the success of the 2011 Halloween YouTube video, Mark went on to set up the online Halloween costume company named Digital Dudz the next year which focuses on such app-integrated costumes that were seen in his original video. The company generated a revenue of $250,000 during the initial three weeks of operation. It started selling its products in retail stores in the year 2013. 

He then sold the company in 2013 to the UK-based spandex company named “Morphsuits.” He collaborated with Jim Browning, a software engineer, and several state and federal entities in order to make use of the glitter bomb which was created by him to find and arrest money mules at scam-call centers.

Mark Rober Net Worth
Mark Rober

In addition, he also authored pieces for Men’s Health; giving TEDx talks titled “How to Come Up with Good Ideas” and “The Super Mario Effect – Tricking Your Brain into Learning More.” Mark also made several appearances on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” He appeared on Discovery’s hidden-camera show with Kimmel.

In 2015, Mark joined Apple Inc. as a product designer and worked on the onboard entertainment of the company for its self-driving cars. He also penned a couple of patents for this project that was related to virtual reality technology. He worked there until 2020.

Mark Rober’s Family, Wife, and Child

Mark Rober’s birth date is not confirmed but according to some sources, he is either born in 1981 or 1981 in California. From a young age, he became fascinated with engineering and went on to attend Brigham Young University to get a degree in mechanical engineering. He also attended the University of Southern California to earn a master’s degree. 

He lives in Sunnyvale, California with his wife and son. His son’s autism diagnosis led him to spread awareness about the condition.

Mark Rober has achieved a lot of success in his career which led him to earn good fortune and net worth. Keep a watch on our website for more such updates.

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