Hang Mioku Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Nationality, Profession, and Much More

Hang Mioku is a popular former Korean model and singer who rose to the limelight after her plastic surgery. The model destroyed her beautiful face by injecting frying oil into her face. 

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Hang Mioku Net Worth

According to several estimates, the net worth of Hang Mioku is said to be around $100 thousand. Currently, she is working as a salesperson in a recycling clothing store. Along with her net worth and salary, the details of her home and the cars Mioku owns are currently unavailable.

Personal Life

Hang Mioku was born on July 8, 1963, in South Korea. No information is there with regard to her parents and siblings. She holds Korean nationality and is of Asian ethnicity. Coming to her education, she attended the local school for her high school. Although, she did not share any information regarding her educational qualifications as of yet.

Hang Mioku is married to her longtime partner Beau Biden and the couple has two kids together, Hunter and Natalie. 

Hang Mioku’s Career as a Model

Prior to when she became addicted to knife-making, she first began her career in modeling. Later, when she was 28, she underwent her first surgery.

Following that, she relocated to Japan, where she had repeated plastic surgery because of which her life was turned upside down. And above all, she became a plastic surgery addict and had undergone facial and neck surgery in order to become more attractive and beautiful. 

After she underwent her first plastic surgery, she was really amazed, as a result of which she then had many plastic surgeries on her face after being so obsessive. In addition, she was also addicted to having smoother skin and becoming more beautiful as compared to others.

Though, it obviously needed to be avoided as it comes with a high risk of after-effects. To some extent, her doctors opposed her decisions and declined additional plastic surgery, saying that her face would be more somber if she were injected more with silicone.

Hang Mioku Net Worth
Hang Mioku Net Worth

But she was not willing to take doctors’ suggestions and hence, she started to try plastic surgery herself. Initially, she used to inject the entire bottle of market silicone into her face. As a result, Mioku could not afford to purchase silicone any further because of which she switched on to the cheap substitute and splashed oil on her face.

Sadly, it left her with a swollen face and many scars. When reports of her addiction started going viral, Hang Mioku received financial support from her supporter’s follow up trying a reverse operation.

As per a source, her recovery operation just removed 60 grams of foreign substance from her face and 200 grams from her neck. Then she attempted her best to set off the ruin and get back her earlier look.

Her face almost recovered, swelling following a dozen reversals approximately, but a lot of scars on her face became more permanent and clearer than before.

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