5 Online Games You Can Play With Your Friends During Summer Break

Are all your friends going to another place while you are stuck at home? We know that feeling all too well. It sucks, to say the least. We have been there while visiting our family in another country and our friends are back at home, we couldn’t find a way to get together and play the games we planned. But those days are behind us now.

Back in those times, we couldn’t get the right internet connection that could provide us the kind of speed needed to play these games without any glitches. However, now internet service providers like Spectrum deliver the kind of connection that makes streaming incredibly convenient and easy. So, if you plan to have a quality experience while playing online video games with your friends, make sure you have the right internet connection that supports your online activities perfectly.

Taking advantage of the technology now is the best time to get started with the online games you can play with your friends virtually during this summer break. So, let’s jump into the list of all those names.


As the name already suggests, the game is all about drawing. You and your friends take turns drawing, meanwhile, the rest of you have to guess what that artwork is really all about. Trust us, it gets super fun and interesting because let’s be frank, our friends are no Leonardo da Vinci and they can draw some of the most terrible drawings.

You can play this game on a browser, which means you don’t have to close your video call. You and your friends could keep guessing in a side chat available. All you are required to do is create a private room and then send the invite link over to your friends.

Also, the said private room can take up to 12 players, which means it can easily accommodate a group of close friends at the same time.


This virtual table lets you and your friend play any card game. With its help, either you can start your own game or you can choose the one that is available on its favorites list. The list consists of titles like Match Up, Remote Insensitivity, Crazy Eights, Go Fish, and many more.

When it comes to accommodation, the game can take up to 6 players at one time.

Board Game Arena

If you are a huge fan of board games then this platform is going to be right up your alley. With all your friends at different places during summers, it could get pretty difficult to come together and play board games as you used to during slumber parties. However, with this virtual platform, you can still play all your favorite board games with your mates.

Board Game Arena brings you over 230 games including all the popular ones such as Saboteur. You can host board game night because its interface is extremely user-friendly and super easy to get a hang of. Even beginners can find their way around it instantly.

Also, you can use it from your web browser. The games can be played either in real-time or in a turn-based way. The site hosts a huge community of players consisting of four million members. This means that even if your friends are not available to play the games, you will still find someone to play them with.


Unlike the other entries in this list, this one is a mobile game, which is created by Ellen DeGeneres. Basically, if you have a good grip on bluffing, then this game is perfect for you. You need to gather up your friends or ask them to get their mobile phones. It provides plenty of decks of the game card and from that, you can make up fake answers to real trivia questions.

The game is super fun to play and it ends in laughter. It tests your creativity in bluffing and checks how you can outwit your friends with some of the funniest responses. They need to choose the right answer from the wrong ones.

You can pick one category from the various ones available. The good thing is that it is available to download for free on both App Store and Play store. Also, it is not limited to a certain number of players which means, you can play this game with as many players as you want.


Essentially, this is a group chat platform in which you will not be required to leave the app to play games. You can choose games from its collection such as Heads Up! or others like Trivia, Quick Draw, and many more.

In addition to this, this app can accommodate a group chat consisting of eight or more eight people. It is available to be downloaded on App Store and Google Play.

To Sum Up

During vacations, it can get a bit challenging to keep in touch with your friends and play games together. But with technology like the internet at your hands, you can play all types of online video games along with your mates even if you all are miles apart. So, if you are looking for games like this, then check out the ones mentioned in this article and have a great time.

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