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Who Is Julianne Hough Dating? Relationship Timeline With Ryan Seacrest ?

In Hollywood, it is difficult for exes not to cross paths; ask Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest.

In 2010, the star of Dancing With the Stars, 13 years younger than the American Idol presenter, began dating Ryan Seacrest.

“He is such a powerful individual… what if it does not succeed? I was so apprehensive on our first date that I grilled him with questions such as “Are you loyal?” and “Are you connected with your family?”

In 2012, Hough was recalled to InStyle. “I am deeply in love, and it feels wonderful. I am more comfortable within my flesh. You see me without the cosmetics and hair.”

One year later, though, the couple broke up. In 2013, a source informed Us Weekly that Hough “could no longer manage” Seacrest’s work schedule. “Work was always, always Ryan’s top priority,” a source stated.

While Hough subsequently told Self magazine that her objective following her breakup with Seacrest was “to stay alone for a complete year,” she met Brooks Laich before the year was over.

“I’m a relationship lady, and I’m very appreciative of the ones I’ve had. In February 2014, she stated, “They’ve been wonderful; I’ve been wounded but never furious, and they’ve helped me develop into the person I am today.”

Hough and Laich married in July of 2017. After filing for divorce in November 2020, the Footloose star discussed her former relationships on Instagram Live, noting (without the name Seacrest) that it was difficult to become friends with an older man.

“[In 2013], I became rather disoriented. I was like, “I’m 24 years old, and I have no idea who Julianne is.”

In November 2020, Hough stated, “During that year, I understood that the pendulum had swung from one extreme to another.” OK, I thought, there must be a medium ground where I can find fulfillment without having to be so energetic and intense.

Hough and Seacrest, dating model Aubrey Paige Petcosky, have made news for their on-screen reunions throughout the years. The artist appears on Live With Kelly and Ryan in May 2022. Two months ago, the actress from Rock of Ages appeared on On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

“Jules, to begin with, [my cohosts] Sisanie and Tanya have asked me whether this is uncomfortable. And I said, ‘No because we’re buddies,'” Seacrest stated on the radio in March 2022.

Hough continued, “We are buddies and converse.” The following is a historical chronology of Hough and Seacrest’s relationship.



Hough said in November 2010 on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, “He’s very romantic!” “He’s not even in town, and there are flowers everywhere in my car.

Same thing on my birthday: roses everywhere. I was nearing embarrassment. You enter the hotel room and wonder, “Is this my room? I’m not even sure.’ I’m quite ashamed.”

The dancer said that she and the radio DJ were “very compatible” and gushed, “Everything’s great.”


Seacrest was Hough’s “first celebrity crush,” she told Glamour, “I feel blessed.”


Us declared their separation in March 2013. “Their calendars were simply too packed,” a source told Us. “It simply became too much. I believe they both just realized they could no longer continue.

The travel and lifestyle had become excessive. Who knows if this is temporary, but I believe it is permanent.”


“There was nothing wrong or awful about any relationship, but there was also nothing right,” Hough told Redbook of their breakup.

“I had one foot out of fear of getting injured. I refrained from saying what I thought since I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers. I have to be flawless.”


Seacrest spoke on Live With Kelly and Ryan following Hough’s wedding to Laich in July 2017.

“I suppose there were a few weddings last weekend… Congratulations to Julianne Hough of Dancing With the Stars. Here is a photo of Julianne and her husband, Brooks,” he stated.

There is also a photograph of her father, Bruce. I know this family, and they are wonderful individuals. She is quite skilled, so congrats, Julianne! Happy to see you happy.”

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Hough revealed in 2013 that he felt “lost” following a “high-profile” breakup.

“I was on private aircraft and boats and lived in a very, very wealthy mansion,” she stated through Instagram Live in November 2020, omitting the name of Ryan Seacrest. I had just ended the relationship because I wanted to establish something better for myself, but I thought I didn’t deserve it.


Julianne and her brother Derek Hough reunited on On-Air With Ryan Seacrest to promote their ABC special Step Into… The Cinema is in March of 2022.

Seacrest stated, “There is nothing awkward about it because we’ve stayed friends,” while Julianne added that they treat each other with “respect and love and all those things.”

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