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One Piece Episode 1006 Airing Date (UPDATED), Where to Watch & Spoilers!

Since the beginning of the Wano arc, One Piece has consistently produced episodes of exceptional quality. Last week, even the finest animators needed a break, and they did it by creating a recap episode.

Therefore, the majority of fans are anxiously anticipating One Piece episode 1006. This streaming guide will address the film’s release date and other pertinent details.

Let’s begin with the date of the new episode’s release. Unfortunately, Episode 1006 will not be available online on January 1, 2022. The studio is on hiatus because of New Year’s celebrations.

Therefore, the following episode will likely air on January 8, 2022. Similar to previous episodes, the release timing will be 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time (PT)/10:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) (ET).

On the contrary, residents of the subcontinent will have access to the new episode on January 9, 2022. The time of release will be 6 a.m. Indian Standard Time (IST). Therefore, if you wish to avoid spoilers, you must wake up early to watch the most recent One Piece episode.

Regarding seeing the anime, you may be asking where the next episode will be made available. If you already know well and are proficient, skip to the next portion of the article; otherwise, continue reading. With that in mind, let’s examine it.

Where To Watch ‘One Piece’ Episode 1006 Online?

The most recent anime may be streamed on Funimation and Crunchyroll. They have a vast selection of excellent anime, including One Piece. However, they are paid websites that might be a drawback for certain users.

What Will Happen in Episode 1006 of “One Piece”?

Episode 1006 of the anime will start up the pace after a filler episode. In the trailer of the forthcoming episode appears that Queen will have a significant part in it. He has released his most powerful weapon, Ice Oni, which has wreaked havoc on the Performance Floor.

Will Luffy and others be able to find a solution to this predicament? Find out in the following episode.

One Piece Episode 1006 Airing Date
One Piece Episode 1006 Airing Date

One Piece Episode 1006 reveals spoilers.

According to a spoiler, in One Piece episode 1006, Kaido’s dragon slash leads the Scabbards to retreat. Kiku has lost his arm. Kinemon suffocates her arm with the flames. He inquires about her health, and she responds with a smile that she will be OK.

Kaido admires the tenacity of the Scabbards. He says that death is an inevitable aspect of existence and that, like Roger and Whitebeard, they must be prepared to die. Kinemon says that their death at the hands of Kaido is wrong, and the two armies engage in combat once more.

Meanwhile, Sanji, Luffy, and Jinbe battle and defeat other Beast Pirates as they make their way to the rooftop.

They encounter one of the key characters, Hamlet, who attacks them with her minions. Returning to the live floor, Queen has released his venom, changing further people into ice creatures.

As he sits above everyone who is morphing into a monster, Queen giggles.

One of the Pleasurers asks why he is also doing it to his opponents, to which he replies that it will benefit him as an Oni. The Queen provides Apoo the only antidote, prompting everyone to pursue him in quest of the remedy.

Upon his return to Yamato, Sasaki injures Shinobu and seeks Yamato’s aid in safeguarding Momonosuke. The party of Sasaki tries to assault Yamato, but she repels them. Momo asks about her identity. Although her given name is Oden, Yamato reveals that she is also known as Yamato.

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One Piece Episode 1006 Cast

The cast and crew of One-Piece recently published a photo recognizing their efforts on the 1006th episode, an important milestone. The One-Piece cast will stay unaltered for this episode, and no new staff members have been added.

Given the high expectations fans have for this episode, it would be unwise to make adjustments at this time. Although the animator for this episode has not been identified, it is expected to have high-quality animation and a visual style inspired by oil painting.

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