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My Hero Academia: How Old Is Toga? (Updated)

Spooky antagonist Himiko Toga, is one of the well-known villains in the My Hero Academia manga and animated series, however, here the question is how old is Toga?

My Hero Academia is one of the most successful manga and anime series which has won many awards.

It is set in a world where approximately eighty percent of the human population have superpowers called “Quirks,” due to which the maximum section of society is split into 2 categories: protagonists and antagonists.

Protagonists make use of their quirks for a good purpose and encounter a continuous fight with the antagonists who inversely make use of their superpowers for evil ends.

Himiko Toga is among those several antagonists in the long-running series titled My Hero Academia and her character was introduced for the first time in Chapter 57 of Kōhei Horikoshi’s original manga, and also in episode 31 (AKA “The Aftermath Of Hero Killer: Stain”) of the Bones-produced animated series as one of the newest members of the League of Villains.

This is an organization that includes the most powerful antagonists of the world whose sole purpose is to vanish everything the heroes of the story stand for.

In the series, Toga has a different spooky quirk called “Transform” which enables her to presume both the appearance and powers, aka quirk, of some other person by taking in their blood; something which she gets because of her splendid collection of knives and also a blood-sucking machine that she put on like a backpack.

She is something of a Yandere character as well, in as much as she looks cute and unassuming but possesses some crazy nature outside just her preoccupation with the blood of other people, like having rather ardent crushes on the many objects for which she is fond of.

Since her debut in manga and anime series, Toga has made herself one of the most popular antagonists of the series and there are many speculations being made about how old is Toga?

How Old Is Toga?

Himiko Toga’s Age

In the 24th volume of Kōhei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia UA manga, an omake displays a profile of Himiko Toga in which it was revealed that Toga is only 17 years old and that also outlines some other facts about her including height (157 cm), birthday (August 7), and her favorite things which weirdly has blood and pomegranates.

Initially unseen profiles of other My Hero Academia antagonists were also presented in this volume, along with Jin Bubaigawara (AKA Twice), whose age is 31 years old and who loves smoking cigarettes.

Volume 24 of My Hero Academia also gives us some insight into the past of Himiko Toga. In chapter 226 titled “Bloody Love”, a flashback to Toga’s young years confirms that her parents discovered her Transform Quirk unsettling and later asked her to repress her power, which led Toga to hope she could be an ordinary child.

Hence, this revelation provides the young Toga with something of an empathetic origin story in the series in spite of her villainous, sinful manners.

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