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Who is the Rapper in the Diner on Ozark Season 4?

Ozark has consistently been one of the most popular programs on Netflix, which demonstrates how well-written the sequences are and how natural the characters and music are in each of these situations.

Of course, hip-hop music has been a fixture in Ozark due to Ruth’s affinity for the genre, and it has become rather emblematic of Ruth’s character evolution.

Naturally, given the importance of hip-hop in Ruth’s character journey, a rapper made a guest appearance on the show’s soundtrack. So, who is Ozark season 4’s rapper?

Michael Santiago Render, better known by his stage as Killer Mike, is the rapper in Ozark season 4. He is a member of the Run the Jewels hip-hop group.

In season 4 of Ozark, he had a surprise appearance when Ruth meets his real-life character and then swaps versions of Nas’ song “NY State of Mind.”

While this cameo may not appear to be crucial to the series’ overall storyline, it’s worth remembering that a large portion of Ruth’s arc centers on her love of hip-hop and how it helped her recover from her troubles.

As such, Killer Mike’s presence influenced her development in season 4. With that in mind, let’s look at what we know about Killer Mike’s appearance.

Rapper In Ozark Season 4
Rapper In Ozark Season 4

Who Is Ozark’s Season 4 Rapper?

Ozark is a popular Netflix series due to its realism and grim topics. Of course, the characters have darker aspects, particularly the Byrdes, who isn’t exactly the show’s kindest primary characters.

However, another character that plays a significant role in the entire narrative is Ruth, who is involved in the Byrde’s money-laundering plan and reared her cousin, Wyatt.

Throughout Ruth’s Ozark plot, it was made apparent that she preferred hip-hop music as a kind of escape.

Ruth’s life is shaped by hip-hop since she listens to music anytime she needs to escape from reality. Naturally, the songs she listens to match her tale, which is why hip-hop has always been a constant in Ozark.

It was never a secret that Ruth’s plot in Ozark’s fourth season is fairly dark yet very personal to her. As previously stated, she reared her younger cousin, Wyatt.

However, following his marriage to Darlene, Wyatt was assassinated in cold blood by Javi, who desired Darlene’s death. Wyatt was present as Javi was ready to murder Darlene but ended up being murdered himself for good measure.

Returning to Ruth, her season 4 character arc is centered on attempting to revenge her cousin’s death to acquire serendipity. Of course, hip-hop music was there to assist her in navigating the emotional minefield she was in. That is when her passion for hip-hop came full circle for her.

Ruth was in a cafe in Chicago during one season 4 sequence, listening to Nas’ “NY State of Mind.”

She came across a face instantly recognizable to her and anybody else who listens to hip-hop music. However, who is Ozark’s season 4 rapper?

Michael Santiago Render, commonly known by his stage moniker Killer Mike, is the rapper Ruth encountered in season 4.

He is a member of the hip-hop group Run the Jewels, whose music has been prominently included in Ozark owing to the group’s ability to blend into a variety of various scenarios. Naturally, this brings us back to Ruth’s love of hip-hop.

Killer Mike is no stranger to film and television appearances, having produced and starred in several films. Nonetheless, it took him six tries to nail the moment, and he wasn’t hesitant to acknowledge that it took him along to get it right.

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Additionally, it’s worth noting that Killer Mike is an Ozark fan. This dates back to when he met Laura Linney, who portrays Wendy Byrde in the series, on a plane flight years ago.

The romance began when they discussed Linney’s drama series, The Big C, which Mike’s wife adored. They became friends after that, as Killer Mike continued to follow Ozark owing to his connection with Linney and the show’s plotline’s realism and harsh undertones.

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