Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2 Possible Release Date & Renewal Status in 2022!

Toilet-Bound Hanuko Kun’s first season has now been completed for over a year if you count with your fingers. It’s safe to say that everyone is eagerly anticipating the second season of the show.

This season of Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun is about to air, and we’ve got all the details you’ll want to know. So far, no signs of the show’s arrival have been seen. What does that imply? Is there going to be a third season or is this the end? Let’s find out what’s going on.

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2: Plot

The second season of Toilet-bound Hanako-Kun centers around a strange woman and an eager student named Nanny Yashiro. Kamom Academy, where Nanny Yashiro works, is home to a research facility where she does her work.

The seven wonders and unexplained incidents of this institution have made it a household name. In the blink of an eye, Yashiro Yashiro was looking for love.

This is a question for the so-called Toilet-bound Hanako-Kun, the wonder of the seven wonders. Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, according to the report, is an alleged woman who lives in the bathroom.

She is able to meet the needs of everybody and do so at a reasonable cost. Yashiro remembered this and noticed that “Hanako-Kan” was no longer as similar as he had previously thought it to be. Later, Hanako’s gender was discovered to be male.

For Hanako, she was eventually a mystic. Consequently, she became his go-to person for battling demons. They set out on a voyage to maintain harmony between the human and spiritual realms.

Yashiro discovers his connection to the realm of the soul on this journey. He was also privy to Hanako’s darkest secrets and tactics.

The narrative of Season Two is yet to be divulged by the exhibitors. Well, Season 2 is expected to begin where Season 1 left off.

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2: Star Cast

If new characters are added or existing ones are dropped from the second season’s cast, we don’t know yet. There are some cast members who are expected to return for the second season, such as:

Hanako Kun

Toilet-Bound By the name of AidaIro, AidaIro’s manga series is called Hanako-kun. Manga Monthly GFantasy has been serializing the story since 2014. As of February 2022, there was seventeen tanks on volumes collected. Yen Press has licensed the manga in North America.

  • Yashiro Nene
  • Akane Aoi
  • Natsuhiko Hyuuga
  • Teru Minamoto
  • Kou Minamoto
  • Sakura Nanamine

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2: Release Date

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2: Release Date
Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2: Release Date

Officially, Lerche Studio has not released any information concerning Season 2 of the anime.

Despite this, we remain optimistic and believe that the series will be renewed for a second season. As of March 2020, it has only been a year and a half since the end of the show. A long line for a show like Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun is very normal.

Season 2 of Toliet-Bound Hanako Kun is now a mystery to us due to a lack of reliable information. However, we are still hoping for a second season, and it will be soon enough.

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