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Is Pieces Of Her Season 2 Release Date Status Confirmed?

Pieces Of Her, a new Netflix thriller, premiered last week and has fans completely captivated.

The series, which stars Toni Collette and Bella Heathcote, follows mother and daughter Laura and Andy as they become entangled in a horrific incident in their tiny village. Andy sets out to unearth facts about her mother’s dark and enigmatic background, possibly lethal implications.

Based on Karin Slaughter’s novel, the drama premiered on Netflix as an eight-part series on 4th March 2022. And, despite the show’s conclusion resolving most of the show’s mystery, viewers are still hoping for a Pieces Of Her season two.

Here is everything we currently know about a probable Pieces Of Her sequel…

Has the second season of Pieces Of Her been confirmed?

Netflix has not yet announced a follow-up to Pieces Of Her. However, because the series has remained firmly entrenched in Netflix’s UK Top 10 since its premiere, there is always a chance the streamer would renew the production for a second season.

And if that is the case, we are certain that a second installment would be *equally* well welcomed.

Pieces Of Her Season 2
Pieces Of Her Season 2

Pieces Of Her Season 2 Release Date

Naturally, nothing has been verified. However, if Pieces Of Her is renewed for a second season, it is unlikely to air until 2023.

The first season began production in January 2021 in Australia (despite being set in America) and will premiere in March 2022.

Using the same timeframe, if a second series begins production in 2022, we should expect to see something on screens in 2023.

Nonetheless, with Covid hopefully imposing fewer limits in the future, there is always a chance that things may go more quickly the second time around.

Pieces Of Her Season 2 Cast

If Pieces Of Her returns for a second season, we hope Toni Collette and Bella Heathcote reprise their roles as Laura and Andy.

Regarding who is unlikely to return, we saw Gil Birmingham’s character (Laura/Witness Jane’s Protection Program handler Charlie Bass) die near the conclusion of season one, indicating that he is unlikely to return unless in flashback form.

Additionally, Aaron Jeffery’s character Nick was imprisoned after the series, and he may not return to the screen until series two brings us inside the jail.

Pieces Of Her Season 2 Plot

The Netflix series is set in the same period and has a similar narrative to Slaughter’s original novel, although the two have drastically different endings.

The novel concludes with a standoff between Nick and Laura, during which Laura wears a wire and convinces Nick to confess, resulting in Nick’s arrest and Laura and Andy returning to their lives.

With the show’s finale being far more open-ended, with Nick’s destiny still out in the air and Jasper blackmailing Laura, there are various ways for the tale to continue beyond the sourcebook.

Charlotte Stoudt, the showrunner of Pieces of Her (and the current season 3 showrunner of The Morning Program), acknowledged in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that the show is intended to be a series considered for renewal, albeit that was not always the case.

“It began as a limited series, but I believe a decision was made at some point to make it a series.

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I suppose that that was a Netflix choice, but there is undoubtedly more to say, and I purposefully began fleshing it out a little more. I attempted to expand it to have some legs if it did find an audience,”‘She stated.

Pieces Of Her Season 2 Trailer

Check the season 1 trailer:

Stay tuned for more info!

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