Undone Season 2 Gets Release Date By Prime Video

We first saw Undone more over two and a half years ago. The first season of the Amazon Prime Video original series premiered in September 2019, and it was unlike anything else we’d seen on the site.

Undone gained great acclaim upon its premiere as Amazon’s first original adult animated series and the first to use rotoscoping. After a lengthy wait, Amazon Prime Video has announced the release of Undone Season 2, promising an even more mind-bending experience.

Undone chronicles the life of 28-year-old Alma Winograd-Diaz (Rosa Salazar) in San Antonio, Texas, after she is involved in a vehicle accident.

Following her near-death experience, her perception of time is altered considerably, and she realizes that she possesses the capacity to navigate across time and space like time travel.

Alma attempts to utilize this to get further information regarding her father’s death and answer her queries. She also begins to alter as a person during this process.

Hisko Hulsing directs the psychological, mystical drama series, which he co-created with Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy, serving as executive producers alongside Noel Bright, Steven A. Cohen, and Tommy Pallotta.

While being an animated series, Undone presents a rich and compelling plot, making it an immersive experience. If you enjoy psychological drama, animation, or self-discovery stories, this is a series that has something for everyone.

Therefore, if you haven’t seen the first season, now is a good opportunity to catch up on the eight episodes before the second season premiere.

Check out our handy guide for everything we know about Undone Season 2, including the narrative, actors, trailer, release date, and other facts.

Undone Season 2
Undone Season 2

Undone Season 2 Episode Count

Undone Season 2 will consist of eight episodes, which will be streamed concurrently on the day of the release, April 29, 2022.

Is There a Trailer for Season 2 of Undone?

If you want to get a sense of what to expect from Undone Season 2, the trailer is an excellent starting point.

Undone Season 2’s official trailer debuted at the WonderCon panel on April 2, 2022, and we can certainly state that it looks even more weird and thrilling than the previous season.

The teaser reveals that Alma is not the only member of her family who can travel across time and space, as she discovers that her sister, Becca, can as well. They are now attempting to explore their pasts to uncover the mysteries that may save their family.

In a nutshell, the teaser offers a mix of weird visuals and enigmatic events, with the sisters attempting to make sense of their new experiences.

When Will Undone Season 2 Be Released?

Undone Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime Video internationally on April 29, 2022.

Who Is in Season 2 of Undone?

The majority of the ensemble cast from Undone Season 1 will return for Season 2 and new cast members.

Season 2 has been announced for Rosa Salazar, Angelique Cabral, Constance Marie, Siddharth Dhananjay, and Bob Odenkirk. Kevin Bigley, Sheila Vand, Giorgie Luck Vasquez, Luna Marie Katich, Alma Martinez, Renee Victor, and Holly Fain round out the cast.

Who are the Undone Season 2 Characters?

Winograd-Diaz, Alma (Rosa Salazar) – Alma is a 28-year-old lady of Mexican ancestry who resides in San Antonio, Texas. Following a near-fatal vehicle accident, she gets the extraordinary power to bend and travel across time and space and communicate spiritually with her deceased father.

Alma was in a relationship and worked at a daycare in Season 1, which she abandons when she travels to Mexico in search of a spiritual reunion with her deceased father. Alma will continue to develop and explore her skill in Season 2.

Winograd-Diaz, Becca (Angelique Cabral) – Alma’s younger sister is Becca. She is markedly different from Alma and believes her sister is perpetually estranged from the family.

Becca was engaged to be married in Season 1, but the engagement breaks apart in the season finale. While Becca believes Alma is insane, she is concerned for her sister and pursues her to Mexico. Season 2 reveals that Becca gains the power to travel through time.

Camila Diaz (Constance Marie) – Camila is the mother of Alma and Becca and the widowed wife of Jacob. From the first season, it’s evident that Camila’s side of the family is shrouded in mystery, which has impacted Alma’s life somehow.

Jacob Winograd (Bob Odenkirk) –Jacob is the father of Alma and Becca and the late husband of Camila. Jacob was a researcher who strangely died when his children were small.

Throughout Season 1, Jacob and Alma developed a spiritual connection, and he assisted Alma in determining how he died. Jacob would continue to assist Alma in searching for the truth in Season 2.

Siddharth Dhananjay reprises his role as Sam, Kevin Bigley reprises his role as Reed Hollingsworth, Sheila Vand reprises her role as Farnaz, Giorgie Luck Vasquez reprises her role as Young Becca, Luna Marie Katich reprises her role as Young Alma, Alma Martinez reprises her role as Rosario, Renee Victor reprises her role as Abuelita Fabiola. Holly Fain reprises her role as Geraldine.

When is Undone Season 2 scheduled to premiere?

You would not be incorrect in asserting that the tale of Undone is time-independent. The narrative distorts time and space so that calendars and clocks lose all significance.

However, if a timeline is required, Undone is set in the present day, which implies that when the program launched in 2019, the tale took place in the present day. The majority of the second season will be spent in Alma and Becca’s pasts and their grandmother’s.

This indicates that their minds have wandered to many locations and periods even though the characters are there.

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What is the plot of Undone Season 2?

Undone follows a young lady who survives a vehicle accident that alters her perspective of time and forces her to reunite with her deceased father.

Undone’s first season follows Alma as she comes to grips with her newfound talent, or what some refer to as a “gift.” She develops the ability to transition between her spiritual experiences and reality. However, what is genuine for her?

Alma begins a new relationship with time and space and learns she can use it to learn more about her father’s death, which has always been a mystery to her.

As stated in the teaser, Alma will continue on her magical adventure, becoming increasingly strange, but that is not stopping her. For one thing, Alma needs an explanation for why she possesses this power in the first place.

Becca also can travel across time, so they may join forces and accomplish something greater. With both sisters possessing the talent, they may delve into their family’s and personal histories and better understand themselves, which can benefit them emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

But if this helps Alma solve her father’s murder and provides her with closure will have to wait until the upcoming second season of Undone.

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