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The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Latest Updated

The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest is a Japanese anime television series that is inspired by the light novel series of the same name. The series was picked for production from NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan whereas animation had been done by J.C.Staff.

Hiroki Uchida served as the writer of the series and Noriaki Akitaya served as director. The first season of the anime adaptation of the light novel was first announced at the “GA Fes 2021” event live stream.

The first season of The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest premiered on January 8, 2022, and ended on March 26, 2022, on Tokyo MX, SUN, BS11, and AT-X with a total of twelve episodes.

The series has been licensed by Crunchyroll in some of the countries and in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania minus Australia, and New Zealand, it is licensed by Medialink. The series received its English dubbed version on February 19, 2022.

The series has been received quite well by its audiences as well as critics and has an IMDB rating of 6.9 out of 10. As the first season ended on March 26, all the anime lovers are now waiting eagerly to know whether there will be season 2 of the series. 

Here’s what we know so far about The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest Season 2. Read the full article to know everything about it.

The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest Season 2 Release Date

Though there is no official confirmation about whether the series will get renewed but the probability of having another season is in doubt despite the series gaining so much popularity and the reason for this might be the low return on investment.

It has been rumored that the studio couldn’t make enough money from it as it was expected. But still, the cancellation of the series for season 2 isn’t confirmed either.

So, we will have to wait until there is an official announcement about the second season of the series, and given that, we cannot expect the series’ season 2 to release anytime soon.

The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest Season 2 Release Date
The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest Season 2

The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest Season 2 Cast

If the series gets renewed for its second season then we can expect all the main cast to return for the second season to reprise their roles. The series will feature Nina Tamaki as Mathias, Shiori Izawa and Iris Izawa, Haruka Shiraishi and Arma Shiraishi return, and Lurie Sayumi Suzushiro.

In addition to that, we may expect the same animation studio to return for production of the second season of the series; JC Staff. Noriaki Akitaya may also return to serve as the director.

The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest Season 2 Expected Storyline

We can expect the second season to continue from where season one left us. Let’s take a dig into the first one. Four “crests” are provided to magi, which indicate their extraordinary ability.

Gaius, a man who is an expert in creation, was identified as the world’s strongest sage and was armed with a crest. In spite of his massive might, he isn’t happy with his capabilities and desires to be close to combat-marked. Gaius is aware that the crest of an individual can’t be altered, hence, he intends to revive far into his future with the expectation of turning his destiny.

His 6-year-old son, Mathias Hildesheimr and the third child of a duke’s family. He accomplishes the close combat mark that he had always aspired to.

Sadly, human knowledge of magic and swordsmanship appears to have fallen remarkably in the last century. Substandard magic equipment is the sole thing that can be spotted randomly.

Every spell, in fact, the most basic, has vanished. His current mark which was once considered the most powerful is now regarded as the least potent.

Mathias exceeds all hopes. Mathias joins the Second Academy in the capital, and there he scores quite well on all tests.

Very soon, Mathias finds the dark truth over mankind’s descent into magic mediocrity and demons. He embarks to cease his millennia-long absence. With mankind weaker than ever, it depends upon Mathias.

The renewal of the series isn’t confirmed yet and we hope to get an update soon.

We will keep you updated with all the latest information until then stay tuned to our website.

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