Vanessa Bayer’s Comedy Series ‘I Love That For You’ Has a Release Date Thanks to the New Trailer

Since her Saturday Night Live appearance, Vanessa Bayer has featured in guest and supporting parts on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Shrill, What We Do in the Shadows, and Trainwreck. The actress is now poised to star in her own Showtime documentary; I Love That For You.

The network has now published the official trailer for the half-hour comedy series and announced the series’ official release date.

In the forthcoming comedic series, Bayer stars as Joanna Gold, who has long aspired to be a presenter on SVN, a home shopping channel.

Inspired by Bayer’s narrative of overcoming childhood leukemia, the program follows Joanna Gold as she leaves her parents, embarks on a new romance, and forms meaningful friendships to escape her lifelong identity as “that cancer girl.”

I Love That For You
I Love That For You

However, to escape being dismissed following a workplace accident, Joanna fabricates evidence that her cancer has returned.

I Love That For You will take viewers on a roller coaster trip as this single falsehood escalates into an avalanche of lies that traps Joanna, all as she struggles to survive in a highly competitive job where individuals will go to great lengths to win.

The newly published video introduces viewers to Joanna Gold, Bayer’s eccentric and somewhat naive character. She rapidly develops a connection with her hero, Jackie, played by Molly Shannon, featured in The White Lotus lately.

The almost three-minute footage is not without odd, uncomfortable, and humorous moments, the most memorable of which is the moment of panic and desperation. The protagonist character reveals loudly that her illness has returned.

If the TV program lives up to the trailer’s promises, fans can expect complex performances that blend humor with character depth and numerous heartbreaking moments.

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Bayer will star in I Love That For You opposite Shannon and Jenifer Lewis, who just concluded her stint on Black-ish’s successful comedy. The cast also features Paul James, Matt Rogers, Matt Malloy, Bess Armstrong, Punam Patel, and Ayden Mayeri.

Bayer and Jeremy Beiler serve as co-creators and executive producers of the program. Along with Michael Showalter, Jessi Klein will serve as showrunner and executive producer. Executive producers include Megan Ellison and Sue Naegle of Annapurna, Jordana Mollick of Semi-Formal, and Allyce Ozarski.

The series will have its streaming and on-demand debut on Friday, April 29, for Showtime subscribers, before making its on-air debut on Sunday, May 1.

The remainder of the season will follow the same pattern, with new episodes arriving on streaming and on-demand platforms every Friday and airing Sunday nights. I Love That For You’s trailer is shown below:

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