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Randy Orton, the Former WWE Champion, Has Announced His Intention to Retire in the Near Future

Randy Orton made his WWE debut in 2002 and has been a key performer for the company for the past two decades, barring injury downtime.

Orton and his tag team partner Riddle recaptured the Raw Tag Team Championship on Monday Night Raw this week.

Randy was unquestionably one of the most over persons on the program, as seen by his hot tag this week.

Randy Orton
Randy Orton

Orton has now offered a general estimate of when he intends to put up his boots at the age of 41.

Orton started on Adam’s Apple YouTube channel that he believes he has another ten years in him before retiring:

“I just turned 40 a year ago. I got another decade in me, you know. We’ll see.”

This would bring us to 2032, when Orton is 51 years old. By comparison, The Undertaker retired at Survivor Series 2020 at 55.

As previously stated, Orton is the reigning Raw Tag Team Champion, and WWE has confirmed that he will face Riddle at WrestleMania 38.

RK-opponents Bro’s for the show is unknown; however, many anticipate the team defending their crowns against Street Profits, Alpha Academy, or maybe both.

Orton’s last year or so has been incredible, with the WWE star once again becoming one of the company’s most over performers.

Orton has grown in popularity to the point that some fans feel Riddle should be the one to turn to when RK-Bro finally splits.

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After their collision at WrestleMania, many anticipated RK-Bro to have broken up by now, but WWE values the duo and wishes to keep them together.

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