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The Most Recent Battlefield 2042 Update Finally Adds a Scoreboard

After months of anticipation, Battlefield 2042 players now have access to a scoreboard that allows them to keep track of their kills, assists, deaths, and other in-game information.

Battlefield 2042’s version 3.3, which goes live tomorrow, includes a new scoreboard, bug patches, control, keybinding adjustments, and the introduction of the Steadfast Exclusive Legendary package for owners of the Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, Year 1 Pass, or Ultimate Pack upgrade.

The scoreboard displays a match summary, objective progression, ticket counts, kills, assists, and fatalities.

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042

The updated scoreboard now includes a team vs. team split for modes like Conquest, Breakthrough, Rush, TDM, and death figures.

“While these are two of the most frequently requested missing pieces, this is the first version of the Scoreboard, and additional improvements will be made in subsequent updates based on your feedback, such as the Scoreboard being available during the End of Round screens,” DICE wrote in a blog post.

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Meanwhile, the Steadfast bundle includes:

  • A new character skin.
  • New weapon skins.
  • A new backdrop and symbol for the player card.

Additional fixes include the following:


  • A game crash that might occur on Origin or Xbox One while logging in or out with an Xbox One controller has been fixed.
  • Configuring “Chat” The impact of Key Bindings is no longer dependent on a game restart.
  • Adjusted Aim Assist on the console to ensure it is active when the analog sticks are at their maximum range. Previously, it was only active at values less than 100%.
  • On Xbox One and PlayStation®4, a problem existed in which takedowns did not result in a kill.
  • Frankfurt Modes has been selected as the new site for our EU Data Centre.


  • Conquest & Breakthrough – an issue was solved in which the Securing Objective XP-event was activated even after a Capture Point was entirely conquered.
  • Hazard Zone – corrected a visual error that prevented squad members from displaying throughout the match-finding sequence.
  • Hazard Zone – Fixed an issue where End of Round XP bonuses was not always triggered.

Battlefield 2042 developer DICE has its work cut out, with over 60,000 gamers requesting refunds following widespread criticism of the game.

The company said earlier this month that future Battlefield 2042 maps will be lower in size in response to user criticism of the game being a “walking simulator.” EA blames the COVID epidemic and Halo Infinite for the incident.

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