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Cricut Autopress: When It Will Be Available, How to Set It Up, and a Complete User Guide

The new Cricut AutoPress is here, and now is the time to discover its capabilities. This brand-new Cricut heat press is available right now. In this post, I’ll demonstrate how to open it up, see what’s inside, set it up, and utilize it for a project. Keep an eye out for additional details regarding this gadget!

I’m confident you’ll be thrilled with Cricut’s clamshell heat press. This is the first time you’ve ever seen a heat press like this!

When Can You Purchase the Cricut AutoPress?

The Cricut AutoPress will go on sale in May of next year. You may discover more about how to purchase it on the Cricut website.

What Comes in the Box With the Cricut AutoPress?

Two boxes, each with a sequential number. The first box contains a control panel, a power cord, and an instruction manual for initial setup. On the top of the control box are two dials and four buttons numbered one through four. The second package has a power cord.

Everything is wrapped and ready to go. When you open the parcel, you notice that it has been tightly packed. At any time, you have complete control over whether or not it is locked and available for storage.

You can unlock the press by pushing the lock button next to the power button on the side. At any minute, the door will swing open!

To avoid the heat plate coming into contact with your hands during loading or unloading, the Cricut AutoPress opens wide.

Additionally, the press comes with a detachable mat. To remove it, lift it out of the bottom plate. Unlike the EasyPress Mat, this one features an adhesive backing that secures the plate. It is still feasible to take it off, replace it with a blank, and reapply.

This heat press features a handle on the front and a small area for your hand on the back. Carrying it by the handle is another possibility.

Cricut AutoPress

How to Set Up the Cricut AutoPress?

When you purchase the press, you will receive a card containing an activation and setup website URL. First, you must connect this machine to a computer and activate and register it.

A computer equipped with a USB port is necessary. If you have a newer Mac, you may require an adaptor to accomplish this.

To begin, insert the cord into the rear of the control box. After inserting the cord, the box is ready to use. Additionally, you can adjust the temperature unit of the heat press from Fahrenheit to Celsius on the rear of this control panel. Fahrenheit will be my temperature setting.

Complete the press by attaching the power cord. One end should be connected to the rear of the AutoPress, while the other should be connected to a conventional wall outlet. As soon as something is linked, the setup can begin.

At this point, either Cricut Design Space or the card’s URL should be opened. Cricut Design Space is the tool I’m going to use for this.

As a first step, I click the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the page to select New Product Setup. Then pick Heat Press, and Design Space will walk you through the rest of the process.

Connect your controller’s USB cable to your computer just for setup purposes. If you attempt to plug the controller into the press at this point, you will receive an error notice and will be instructed to use a PC instead.

When Design Space has recognized the control pod and accepted the terms of usage, click activate. Following that, Design Space will start preparing the machine, and the clock on the controller will begin. When your command pod is current, Design Space is complete.

To use your Cricut heat press, disconnect it from your computer and connect the USB cable to the rear end of the heat press. Finally, the AutoPress has been turned on!

Buttons for Cricut AutoPress

On the side, there is a power button, and a lock/unlock button. A lock icon will appear on the display if you power the system when locked or closed.

It will not heat up unless you unlock and leave the AutoPress open. When you hit the start button, you’ll hear a fan motor begin to spin. Through a blower, the entire heat plate is heated simultaneously. Based on your temperature setting, it will take approximately 8 minutes to heat up.

The left dial on the control pod is used to set the temperature, while the right dial is used to set the time. To raise or lower it, turn the handle. The maximum time at 400 degrees F is 600 seconds or ten minutes. This press can print in HTV, Infusible Ink, and sublimation.

Where did you get your time and temperature from? – Because Cricut Heat does not enable Cricut AutoPress, you will need to enter the time and temperature while using this software manually. Determine the right settings using the Cricut Heat Guide or your materials.

Presets are accessed via the top buttons. They will be pre-programmed, but you will have complete creative freedom over their customization. Changing presets is as simple as tapping the remote’s corresponding button. Do you wish to alter it?

It’s as simple as changing the station on the radio dial. Continue to hold the button down as you enter the desired setting. A beep and a light will indicate that the preset has been modified to your taste.

What if you make a mistake and wish to restore the system to its default settings? Restoring factory settings is as simple as putting a clip into the hole on the rear of the control pod.

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Measurement With the Cricut AutoPress

15 inches wide by 12 inches deep, the 53-pound heat plate measures 15 inches wide by 12 inches deep. The press is 16.63′′ wide by 26.07′′ deep in total.

As long as the base is on your table, a portion of the front can hang off. The base is sunk into the outer lip. You’ll need around 22.5 inches of space between the rear and front of the foundation. This is a typical counter height.

Adjustments for the Cricut AutoPress

Cricut AutoPress does not enable pressure or height adjustments. Your foundation material may be as thick as two inches. The top descends downward until the bottom plate is approximately six inches above my shoulders.

Once it is horizontal, you may press it against a surface. As a result, the Auto press can operate with a wide variety of surfaces, which I will be testing soon.

In other words, how does the automatic press work? When you fully insert it, you’ll hear a motor start. In other words, the pressure remains constant.

A correct lot of stress is applied as it presses down and down. This feature is generating a lot of interest, so keep an eye out! What does this mean for you? The EasyPress does not need to be pressed down continuously! All that remains is to set the press!

Safety with the Cricut AutoPress

The Cricut AutoPress’s acrylic top and front handle keep the pressing area relatively cool during operation. To maintain a consistent temperature, the heater runs a motor continuously. Additionally, the press features an auto-off mechanism that prevents it from operating for 13 minutes without being used.

Cricut AutoPress: Simple Closure and Auto-Opening Features

Closing is a joy with the Cricut AutoPress, due to the motor that applies pressure. Two fingers should be used to close the press and start the engine.

When the timer expires, it will also be automatically open. Therefore, click the button and move on to your next empty page.

It will automatically open after the timer expires, with no action on your part. There is no need to struggle with your hands or rush to open your press when it beeps.

Lift the handle with two fingers to open the press if you have made an error or need to do so. When the release button is pressed, the press quickly opens.

Clamshell Press for Cricut AutoPress

Let’s begin with a real-world illustration. I’ve warmed my Auto press to print a larger image on a pillow cover. Yes, I am confident that I can finish this design in a single press.

Preheating my blanks for a few seconds was the initial step in eliminating any moisture. I do not reset my dial’s preheat time. I lift the lever after a few seconds.

Apply the cut and weeded HTV pattern to your work surface when finished. Allow Cricut AutoPress to handle the heavy lifting for you! I’ve adjusted my control pod to the proper time and temperature for the materials I’m working with.

When I apply the correct amount of pressure, AutoPress takes control, and all I have to do is wait. At the moment, preparing for your next blank is perfect.

If you own an auto press, purchasing a second mat is a wise investment because it enables you to prepare for one job during another press. With this press, multiplying a project is a breeze.

After printing is complete, the press will spring up to allow you to remove your project and carrier sheet. I stitched a pillowcase into the cover to complete it. It’s that simple to create anything with the Cricut AutoPress!

Taking the Press Out of the Heat

Now, let us examine how to turn off the press. You cannot close or lock it when it is turned on and heated. It will beep by continually pressing the button until you press the power button to stop it.

To turn off the press, you must first click the power button. It is entirely up to you whether to leave it open or close it. When you’re ready to cool off, you may lock it and leave the mat inside. Nothing on the control pod needs to be switched off; the machine’s power button takes care of everything.

Storage for the Cricut AutoPress

Therefore, for those who have little floor space or crafting area. You may prefer another auto press function. AutoPress may be stored upright on its back by unplugging the power cable and control panel from the rear.

This could be stored in a closet or behind a door. It can be used in a variety of locations from this posture. Despite its weight (53 pounds), it is manageable when carried with the handle extended to its maximum height (on the top).

For Whom Is the Cricut AutoPress intended?

It’s like you’re working with an expert when you use this heat press. This tool is designed for folks who routinely press many objects simultaneously.

As a result, AutoPress is an excellent choice for small enterprises and individuals who require large quantities of T-shirts for philanthropic purposes. I’d recommend a heat press whenever you’re performing large-scale production.

Is It Capable of Exerting Significant Pressure?

As previously stated, the pressure is automatically set. This press is not adjustable in terms of pressure. I’ll be experimenting with a range of crafts and surfaces, which means I’ll be doing many different things.

As a result, regardless of the thickness of the blank, the pressure will remain constant.

Due to its height, a thick blank will not apply more pressure than a narrower one. As a result of the auto press, you won’t have to bother performing any tests. Because pressure cannot be altered, time and temperature may need to be altered.

When Can We Expect to Be Able to Purchase It?

The Cricut AutoPress is not expected to be available until May of next year. I was provided with this press in advance to develop materials and demonstrate their usefulness to you.

This brief introduction to the machine should have sparked your interest and prompted a few questions in your mind.

Therefore, if you have any queries about Cricut AutoPress, please leave them in the comments section below. All that remains is for you to decide whether or not to include the Cricut Heat Press in your wishlist.

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