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Co-stars Are Slashed Chris Evans and Ana De Armas Reunited on the Set of Ghosted in Atlanta

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas were recently pictured on the Atlanta set of Ghosted, a Romancing the Stone-inspired action-adventure romance.

I adore it when Romancing the Stone is used to describe a project — there aren’t nearly enough of them, but one starring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Brad Pitt called The Lost City will be released in a few weeks.

The second aspect of Romancing the Stone that makes me giggle is that, well, I’m not sure the allusion makes sense to anyone under the age of 30. Perhaps not even under the age of 40.

There will be a whole generation, perhaps two, that will use The Lost City and Ghosted as their primary reference points for this film genre. Interestingly (or perhaps just to me), Ana and Chris are around the same age as Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas were when their picture was shot.

Originally, Scarlett Johansson was slated to star opposite Chris in this film.

While Chris hasn’t worked with Ana as much as he has with Scarlett, he and Ana are already acquainted, having co-starred in Knives Out and worked together last year on the Russo Brothers’ highly anticipated The Gray Man, which is reportedly Netflix’s most expensive feature film and is set to release in July.

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I’m very certain a rather active section of the internet has been shipping a ChrisAna real-life relationship for quite some time now. Here’s a tweet from 2020, when Ana was still with Ben. It’s not the only one of its like.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

Ana was last seen seeing Paul Boukadakis, a Tinder vice president. They were spotted kissing in Los Angeles in December roughly two months ago and just before she and Chris began filming Ghosted.

Therefore, since she and Chris spend each day together, those attempting to Gossip Genie together may have some chance. And so do the tabloids, who are constantly on the lookout for on-set romance rumors. It’s likely to happen again if the two begin marketing the film and appear on the red carpet together.

As improbable as a real romance may seem, I understand it. These two are insanely stunning on their own, and when they combine, well, that would be Great for Gossip. From Batman to Captain America, the headline speaks for itself.

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