Minx, Starring Jake Johnson, Receives Its First Trailer From Hbo (Tv News Roundup)

A new trailer has just been dropped by HBO Max along with key art for its sparkling new television comedy series “Minx” prior to its release next month and we know everyone out there waiting for the series must want to have a look at it.

 The upcoming series is created as well as written by Ellen Rapoport, set in the 1970s, the series revolves around Joyce (played by Ophelia Lovibond), a serious and highly fussy feminist activist considering publishing a feminist magazine in California, the show takes a strange turn when she comes together with Doug Renetti (portrayed by Jake Johnson), who is a low-rent publisher, in order to create the first erotic magazine of the world for women.

We can see in the trailer that the inexperienced and passionate Joyce has faced several rejections from a number of male publishers ahead of bumping into the clever as well as coarse about the edges Renetti who is one of the most prosperous and creative porn sellers in the Valley.

Both of them soon turns up with the concept for a pacifying mode of distributing feminist articulation of Joyce and obviously, the pacifying being unclothed men.

Joyce’s life gets upside down quite soon since she discovers herself in the scopes of a culture conflict and living her life to the fullest in the world of erotic porn publications.

In the trailer, dubbed “the porn queen of Pasadena”, Joyce went through a lot in order to adapt to the filthy, low-rent lifestyle of releasing an erotic adult magazine, struggling with model trials, her fellow coworkers noted her as too “brainy” for their venture, and in fact, unexpectedly she ended up in business with the mob.

However, apart from all these things, Joyce steadily turns to acknowledge the popularity that was accrued by her magazine, switching the discussions throughout female sexuality forever.

Where Can We Watch the Official Trailer?

Today, on March 4, 2022, an official trailer has been released, and here’s the link below to watch the full trailer.

Who Is Joining the Cast of the Series?

These are the names who will be joining in the upcoming HBO series. 

  • Ophelia Lovibond in the lead role of Joyce
  • Jake Johnson to portray the character Doug Renetti
  • Idara Victor to portray the character Tina
  • Taylor Zakhar Perez to portray the character Shane
  • Oscar Montoya to portray the character Richie
  • Jessica Lowe to portray the character Bambi
  • Michael Angarano to portray the character Glenn
  • Lennon Parham to portray the character, Shelly

Ellen Rapoport is the showrunner, creator as well as executive producer, alongside Johnson, Dan Magnante, Paul Feig for Feigco Entertainment, Ben Karlin, and Rachel Lee Goldenberg. The pilot of the series is also being directed by Karlin and Goldenberg.

Minx, What Is the Release of Minx?
What Is the Release of Minx?

What Is the Release of Minx?

Minx is scheduled to be released on March 17 on HBO Max, with 2 new episodes airing every week until April 14. 

The series is here with a completely new concept and we can’t wait to watch it. Stay tuned to our website to get all the latest information.


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