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Filming for You Season 4 is scheduled to begin in March 2022.

It’s been many months since season 3 of You premiered on Netflix worldwide, and just before its launch, the show was renewed for a fourth season. Work has been proceeding discreetly behind the scenes, but production is scheduled to begin in the middle of March.

You’s fourth season started writing in November 2021, with the writers announcing their return to their offices to concentrate on the upcoming season.

According to new production plans obtained by What’s on Netflix, the next season’s production (filming) is scheduled to begin in the middle of March 2022. It will after that be in production for about four months, concluding in July 2022.

Naturally, all shooting dates are subject to change due to productions requiring many moving parts to be in the correct location at the appropriate time. It has been particularly true during the last two years, for obvious reasons.

Another intriguing item we’ve learned is that Season 4 will be shot in the United Kingdom, at least in part. As previously stated, season 3 closed in Paris with Nick (Joe’s new moniker) searching for Marianne, but might he be relocating to the United Kingdom in the next season based on this shooting location? 

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We’re going to have to wait and see. It’s worth mentioning that an early ProductionWeekly listing described the program as being shot in Los Angeles.

Sera Gamble will remain as showrunner for the fourth season, which will consist of ten episodes.

Casting has been teased for a later date, most likely in March or April, in conjunction with the commencement of production.

When will Netflix release You Season 4?

At the time, there is no word on when season 4 of You will be available on Netflix. Netflix has also not announced the series’ premiere date.

If we examine the production schedule for season 3, it concluded in April 2021 and broadcast in October of that year. Suppose we apply comparable timelines to season 4. In that case, we may expect it to be added in December 2022 at the earliest or early 2023 at the latest, with the caveat that production timetables are susceptible to change.

Keep our preview for Netflix’s upcoming fourth season in your bookmarks for more information on You.

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