The Atomic Heart Release Date Status Has Been Pushed Back Three Months.

Mudfish has finally confirmed the release date for Atomic Heart and even then, the announcement was quite ambiguous.

Atomic Heart has a new video, indicating the game’s release date as the latter half of 2022. There is no specific date, and the teaser indicates that the release will occur in the month of “The last three letters reduce it down to September, October, or November, but the amount of concealed letters further narrows it down somewhat“.

Seven hidden letters result in a total of ten letters in the whole world, which means that none of the previous months fulfilled the bill. One may reasonably assume that one or two concealed characters allude to the release date.

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October’s four letters before the “ber” either indicate that the month is not in contention or that the date format is “October.”

In the instance of November, it would have to be “November,” which makes little sense given the absence of a separator between the numbers and letters. The only acceptable choice for this month is “November”; however, the likelihood is that the actual release date will have two digits.

The Atomic Heart, The Atomic Heart Release Date
The Atomic Heart

This argument would also exclude September since the release date must be in the “September” format. In general, it seems as if October is the presently anticipated release month; however, this is just speculation until Mundfish releases the official date.

The Atomic Heart Trailer

Check out the trailer here:-

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