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Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Release Date Status, Characters, Storyline, and Some More Updates!

Brief Introduction About the Show

The romantic drama is something that has garnered many fans in the world. If we discuss any of them from Hollywood we have a list of them. From being a TV show to an OTT series we have seen many romantic dramas to date.

There are many from Netflix still in the run. 2022 is going to be the year of romantic drama as well. Besides many such titles, we have Sweet Magnolias which is going to come out with its second season. 

Crew Members and Makers of the Show

Sweet Magnolias is a show about the American entertainment industry. It is a television show with some romantic style in it. It is Sheryl J. Anderson who has created this drama for its release on Netflix. Besides, it is a novel adaptation into a series.

The novel is also of the same name, Sweet Magnolias written by Sherry Woods. The music of the show is composed by James Jansrisch. The producer is Matt Drakes. The drama is also famous for its cinematography which is done by Brian Johnson. 

Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Release Date

Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Release Date
Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Release Date

The show has already released its season 1 with a running time of 43 to 52 minutes. The series came out in the USA on 9 May 2020. The first season had a total of ten episodes.

The show was then renewed by the creators for the second season in the month of July 2021. The making season 2 began in April 2021 and was completed in July 2021 lasting about three months. Now it is time to discuss the release of season 2.

The second season of Sweet Magnolias is coming out on February 4, 2022. It will have the same number of episodes as in the first season, which is 10.

Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Storyline

The story is really amazing with the indulgence of three women. The plot is about 3 South Californian Women. These women have been best friends with each other since their childhood.

They guide each other through many things and complications. It has complexes arising out of romance, career, and family too. Season 1 is completed with intense suspense as Maddie’s son Kyle emerged from a vehicle, unconscious and on a stretcher on the night of the prom. There are bigger shocks in store for season 2.

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Cast for Season 2

We have all three female leads of season 1 in the second season. They will portray the same characters that they had in season 1. Joanna Garcia Swisher will return portraying the character of Maddie Townsend who is the mother of three kids.

Brooke Elliott will reprise her role of Dana Sue Sullivan who is a chef. Heather Headley, who is playing the role of an attorney with the name of Helen Decatur. Chris Klein will assume his character as Maddie’s former husband, Bill Townsend.

Carson Rowland also returns as one of the children of Maddie, Tyler. Logan Allen will feature as Maddie’s younger brother named Kyle. Anderson said that fans would see new faces on the show when it returns. 

Teaser Trailer

The females of Serenity seem to be in positive spirits as they toast to their love lives over a pitcher of margaritas in the trailer of season 2, released in January 2022. In the video, Maddie and  Cal are back romantically, while Helen is trying to steer her feelings for Erik.

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Dana Sue is trying to find hope in her life while being stuck in a love triangle with Jeremy and Ronnie. The season will also feature Isaac’s current search for his own parents and dive into Noreen and Bill’s exploits with their newborn and how it impacts Bill’s ex-wife, Maddie, and their children.

Further in the clip, viewers got a glance at Maddie’s son Kyle and his life after the prom night crash but the question of who else was in the vehicle is still not known.

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