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iPhone Se 2022 Release Date Status, Rumours, Features, and Price in the Uk

This article contains all the information related to the iPhone SE 2022. It contains all the details about its release date, features, branding, upgrades, and price.

Introduction About the Phone

As long before the spring of 2020, Apple released the latest model in its uneven but extremely popular iPhone SE series. Ever since, fans of budget iPhones have earnestly waited for the next edition of this movable, reasonably priced device. But the wait has not been worth it.

It seems like their wait is almost reaching its end with everything indicating a spring release for the third-gen iPhone SE. In this article, we describe when the upcoming iPhone SE is going to be released, and what you can expect in its layout, specs, features, and price.

We’ve gathered all the recent leaks and reports, including hints to the presence of a bigger version of an iPhone SE, potentially named the iPhone SE Plus.

iPhone Se 3 Release Date

iPhone Se 2022 Release Date
iPhone Se 2022 Release Date

It is expected that Apple’s third-gen iPhone SE is going to launch towards the end of spring 2022 which is possibly in the month of April or early May. That is a little later than often for Apple’s spring declarations which used to be in March or early April.

It is because of this that the brand will possibly announce other products in the usual period of March and then release the latest iPhone SE at another event or at a press launch party. Here is all we expect at Apple’s 2022 spring event.

Irrespective of the accurate timing, leakers and experts have claimed unanimously that the brand new SE is releasing this spring. From October 2020, display pundit Ross Young forecast that we should not anticipate the release of iPhone SE 3 until spring 2022.

And other pundits have also followed up on  Young’s claim after that. In July 2021 the Taiwanese news platform DigiTimes anticipated that Apple would release the third-gen iPhone SE in the first part of 2022.

In November the analyst company TrendForce stated the next SE would be coming out in the first four months of 2022. And in January 2022 Mark Gurman said the SE would come out at a spring event, while the detection of unreleased iOS devices in the Eurasian Economic Commission data in the very month suggested that a release was certain.

To finish the circle, Ross Young again predicted the spring release. But on this occasion, he indicated the later part of the spring and he said that the screens were entering into manufacture in January which implied that the phone itself would be manufactured in March and the release would happen in the latter half of April or in early May.

Reason for Delay

The concept of Apple taking 2 years between updates to the iPhone SE is not really a huge shocker. Most iPhone models are upgraded every year, but the SE range’s slot has always been uncertain. The first iPhone SE was launched back in 2016 with just an upgrade in the storage the following year.

This model was then withdrawn by Apple in 2018, only to have the brand relaunched after two years with iPhone SE 2020. Another cause for the long delay could be Apple’s lack of concern for budget products.

What does Will Apple call the New iPhone?

There’s a fair chance that it will be simply named “iPhone SE” with no inclusion of either third-generation or even year of launch in the packaging and promotional marketing. The legal documents and description on third-party websites like this will be another thing since it will be essential to distinguish the device from the iPhone SE and iPhone SE 2020.

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We will possibly brand it the iPhone 2022. But this will be similar to the small print for Apple. However, there is another probability. The mobile experts and dependable analyst Ross Young reckons it will be named “iPhone SE + 5G” to promote its major high-profile feature. We are not totally convinced by that, but Young hardly makes an incorrect claim.

How Much Will The iPhone Se 3 Cost?

We can guess that the new iPhone SE would cost £399/$399 for the first-level model. If a larger edition comes out, a £499/$499 price seems possible for that device. 

New Features in the iPhone Se 3

When it comes to the latest features much relies on how the SE slots in with other models of the range and when it is updated. The most probable latest addition is 5G. What is less probable is that it will not get any features that have not been already tested on high-end devices.

We obviously expect that Apple won’t be removing the home button and touch ID from the SE device which is the central point of difference from the other iPhones and something many users who prefer a Home Button were requesting. We are therefore going to discuss features that could be transferred across from the 12-series to the SE models since they are the most realistic to expect.

Night Mode

One thing that could be improved is night mode which is the camera system setting that extremely enhances low-light photography on 11-series and later iPhones. The late 2020 devices had some enhancements to Night mode as well, with iPhone 12 able to imply it on selfies and time-lapse clips and the 12 Pro getting it for portraits too.

The current iPhone SE 2020 looks like it should be potent for Night Mode in all hardware terms – it has the A13 chipset, so the processing potential is there, but has so far been not. Adding night mode to the SE in 2022 would lead to a significant rise in the functionality of the latest model, especially because photography is such an essential aspect for people buying smartphones.

Support for 5g

Considering the release of the first 5G-ready iPhones took place as long before autumn 2020 any iPhone coming out this year that is not prepared for the latest connection model is going to seem half-baked.

We would be really surprised if Apple does not ascertain that the latest SE is prepared to take the benefits of advancements in 5G coverage since the 2020 model was launched. Truly, in the TrendForce report from November 2021 explained above,  the analyst company decisively forecasts 5G as an original feature in the upcoming iPhone SE. 

A15 Processor

In July 2021, Nikkei Asia firmly made a prediction that the iPhone SE 3 would be boosted by Apple’s own A15 processor, the same thing that will be installed in this year’s premium iPhones. That’s a significant take now, but during that time the claim was quite bold.

But it is not quite as weird as it seems. For the former iPhone SE models, Apple undermined in every part other than specs and displayed itself quite ready to fulfill an outdated framework with modern-generation accessories. This is possible and if it is implemented, be ready for some celebrations.

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The iPhone SE had a display dimension of just 4 in. and the iPhone SE 2020 increased it to 4.7 in. Ross Young, the screen pundit, predicts this will shoot up to 6.1 in. on the iPhone SE 3. As explained above we guess Apple will provide the SE an all-screen layout, discarding the Home button and following the framework of the iPhone XR.

The brand is recently discovering true all-screen layouts for its iPhones iPads and Macs, but it is improbable to come first on the SE. Ross Young also predicts that the upcoming iPhone SE will implement Touch ID but it is unsure if he thinks the sensor will be there in the power button, like on the iPad Air, or if it will be fixed under the screen.

We will be searching for news and reports and updating this article when something new comes up. So make sure to check constantly what we reveal about the iPhone SE 3.

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