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Meet Roshan Ray Young SEO Expert from Mumbai

Roshan Ray is a young and highly rated SEO expert in Mumbai. Roshan Ray began his career as an SEO expert in 2019 with ShoutRank. He works with the company is known as one of the best SEO company in Mumbai; also with Praneet Thakur, who is also known as one of the best SEO experts in India.

He is unique in many ways, such as finding a solution immediately, simplifying his task where he can, and getting people motivated. His philosophy is to make things look easy for everyone.

Meet Roshan Ray Young SEO Expert from Mumbai
Roshan Ray

Meet Roshan Ray, Who Has Achieved Much More in a Short Period. Roshan Ray graduated with a BSc in information technology at Guru Nanak College. His interests don’t match the profession he chooses, but he prefers outdoor activities such as football. In addition to football, he enjoys making money, rapping, technology, and writing.

He founded TeckCloudz for and for all Android users. He loves to help users with an easy guide and helpful tips and tricks in his APK blog. He wants to start an APK blog that he plans to work on for a long time, ending with TeckCloudz.

While Roshan has always been focused on his career and goals, he would never have imagined building a career in Digital Marketing or as an SEO Expert before 2019. In August 2020, the whole world, including me, will be dealing with pandemics. He has just started his career with ShoutRank in this short period; he has worked on many projects and provided excellent results to his clients.

However, Roshan has been a WordPress Web Designer and Search Engine Optimizer at ShoutRank for one and half years. The man learns a lot! To attract money, you need an idea, not more money to invest in your vision.


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Vivek Attri
Vivek Attri
As the Owner of and head of all operations, I take pride in my intelligence, creativity, and ability to work with people. I am always looking for opportunities to develop myself– from researching and investing in new technologies to constantly reading the news. What makes me stand out is my willingness to go above and beyond when it comes to working. Being an inquisitive person, I am always interested in learning more. I am also an avid listener who can easily see someone’s good qualities and talk about them without being an ego boost. I’m currently based in India but would be open to relocation! Please feel free to contact me anytime via email or LinkedIn if you are interested in having a conversation.

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