Why Did Walter White Poison Brock In Breaking Bad Season 4?

The AMC blockbuster show's fourth season featured the occurrence, but it wasn't until the following year that the truth was revealed.

Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, has since offered commentary on what viewers missed with the poisoning.

The six-year-old son of Jesse Pinkman's girlfriend, Andrea, was portrayed by Ian Posada as Brock Cantillo (Emily Rios).

Brock held Jesse in high regard, and the two frequently hung out and formed a bond over video games.

In Breaking Bad season 4, the two were reunited, but Brock was sent to the hospital with a dangerous illness soon after.

As they imagined Walt injecting the poison into Brock's juice box, the Breaking Bad writers referred to the incident as Walt turning into the "Evil Juice Box Man."

Walt had secretly inserted the juice box into Brock's school lunch to ensure that only he had access to the beverage.